Thursday, January 17, 2013

'The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume' by Lisa Rumsey Harris

Book Blurb:

With her love of sweaters, goofy hair, and awkward manners—not to mention her family curse—Treasure Blume knows love is not in her future. That is, until she matches wits with Dennis Cameron, a divorced chef with a six-year-old daughter. Full of mischief, mayhem, and laugh-out-loud humor, this is an unlikely love story you’ll want to read over and over again! 

**My thoughts**

I am madly in love with Treasure Blume! Sure, she is awkward and a little weird. Her self-esteem has taken a massive hit due to her family curse. But finally, she has found her niche as a teacher.

What I love the most about Treasure is that she has a strong love for her students. She wants to do whatever it takes to help them succeed, often going above and beyond the call of duty. I tend to feel the same way about my students and hope that I show it as well as she does.

Dennis is a good match for her. He is able to help her realize how wonderful she is as he brings out her best side. His family is also amazing. Sure, their relationship is relatively taboo since Dennis' daughter is in her class. In the end, though, shouldn't true love prevail?

I have to agree with the book blurb in that this is a book that I will revisit and read again. It made me laugh and cry all at once. Definitely one of my favorites from 2012. It was well written and characters are well-developed. I look forward to reading more from this author!

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About the author:

Lisa Rumsey Harris is from Downey, Idaho, where she grew up writing stories and riding horses. She received a bachelor’s and master’s degree in English from BYU, where she now teaches writing classes. 

As a writer, Lisa won the Brookie and D.K. Brown Memorial FictionContest with her short story, “Topless in Elko.”  In 2005, her short story “The Resurrection of the Bobcat” won a Moonstone Award in the same contest. She also writes personal essays. “Honor in the Ordinary” won the Heather Campbell Brown Essay contest in 2006, and was published in Segullah. Segullah has also published her essays “I Look Like My Sister” and “Custodian of My Emotional Suitcase.”  

Lisa lives in Orem, Utah, with her multi-talented husband, her two adorable sunshine daughters, and her ancient Siamese cat.
I received a complimentary ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review. 

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