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'Spirit 101: An Overview for Beginner Seekers into the World of New Age Spirituality' by Mignon V. Supnet'


Spirit 101 is a personal journey through the first lights of waking up and recognizing what “waking up means.” It is both an account, but also a guide for those starting out on the journey to understand the experiences a seeker may be going through.

Spirit 101 is gentle, down to earth, and straight forward in the tools it provides.

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As an overview for Beginner Seekers into the World of New Age Spirituality, I expected a smattering of this and that. But what a delightful surprise, the author more than did her homework. This is not a research project, but rather a personal journey in which the author put herself and her own life on the line and writes totally from her heart.

She reveals the most important aspect for a spiritual journey...and that is "feeling." You need to feel your way to resonance with that still small voice inside that lets you know YOU ARE HEADED IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION ON THE RIGHT PATH FOR YOU. How each of us finds our way is a very personal manner.

And yes, you are given the tools with which to seek...and very importantly the knowledge that you are not alone on your journey. Invisible helpers, energies, angels are always ready to direct and protect, offering signs along the way.

The author introduces you to various modalities for further exploration: Reiki, Chakra balancing, Dreamwork, Intuitive feelings, the Law of Attraction and the role of the Subconscious, Breathwork, Meditiation, and various other methods to "get in touch," Prayer, Visualization, Self Protection and much more. If you've just begun to search, and even if you've been "on the road" for a while, you will glean gold nuggets from this heartfelt revelation. Highly recommended.
~Julia Busch

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Author Bio:


Mignon here. This may be a little different in terms of Author Bio format, but I wanted this to be personal and from my heart. First and foremost, I wanted to reach out and say, THANK YOU! You’re time and attention is a gift and I thank you for sharing it with me.

I’m a mom of two and a wife to one These are the most important responsibilities I hold, and although I am neither a perfect mom or wife, I keep trying to do my best. Some days feel easier than others and I carry the same challenges and struggles that many have of trying to fit-it-all-in; the family, the job, and the dreams.

Some days feel like I’m getting whooped, but somehow, someway… it all works out. I would say that the biggest lesson I’ve learned through this experience is that God is good. This seems like a no brainer now, but at one point in my life, ‘God’ was a nebulous idea. God was something I had to believe in—“just in case,” but I didn’t feel a connection.

I’m thankful that I finally answered the call. I guess you can say, I’m waking up, but I know I’m not completely awake. I’ve got a long way to go to reaching enlightenment status and I may never reach it in this lifetime, but the journey I’m on brings me closer to God and to myself with each and every baby step I take.

This journey has allowed me to see the world differently.

I’m continuing to learn, continuing to grow, and am grateful each day.

Thank you,

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