Thursday, May 22, 2014

Meet Jolie DeMarco, author of 'Dee Lori's Table 42'

Jolie is an advocate of high vibrational living– which means “living happy.” Jolie created The Mindful Healing Center called My Flora Aura. Jolie loves to share with others. Especially- all the good things in life that bring high vibes!

She is more than an owner of the store that holds the most beautiful energy on earth– additionally to being an author, inspirational speaker, intuitive and a conduit of healing energy. Jolie always says and I quote her “I am just a pipeline of which positive energy flows through me into others– from verbal vibration or high vibrations from source– that’s whomever you believe in.” “I am just a messenger and conduit.” She also says “I am grateful to do so.” Among her many talents– Jolie wrote 8 books—many more on the way. She has a cool Mandala card deck she created through channeled paintings- its available on a phone app and print at local spiritual shops. Jolie is founder of an Academy of Telepathy, and Academy of Healing Energy. Both have online workshops that help increase your mindfulness, bring a higher consciousness and strengthen brain functions.

Jolie is the innovator of a mentorship program called— the concept -helping teens make the correct decisions before they take a wrong path. This she calls “empowerment guidance.” You can follow Jolie Demarco on YOU TUBE, or in magazines such as Palm Beach Women’s and Evolution Soulution.

You can visit her center for a free cup or organic tea , a psychic reading or energy healing. Located in Boca Raton Florida. She is available for remote distant readings anytime online at

Her latest novel, a delightful chick lit piece, is currently free on Amazon, through 5/24! Click on the book cover to check it out and download it today!

Jolie DeMarco 561-843-9222

Facebook:My Flora Aura healing
YOUTUBE Jolie DeMarco

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