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'Three Saints of Christmas' Book Tour

The Three Saints of Christmas

In this adventurous and compelling fictional story it takes St. Joseph, Gabriel, and Santa to get a family all together for Christmas 1866. From a stalking cougar, to a wolf encounter, to a little girl falling into a hole in the ice, and other crises, this story keeps the reader turning its pages.

Deep in Peace River Country in northern Canada, five children have been allowed to stay home on their own for what is supposed to be a three-day period while the adults leave for a town 45 miles away in bitterly cold weather. Brittany, a capable and mature 11-year-old, has been left in charge and is delighted by the prospect of taking care of her sibling and her three cousins.

However, a serious life-threatening accident with the horse and wagon occurs with dire consequences. Fortunately, the children are being watched over from above by St Joseph, Gabriel the Angel, and Santa Claus. The characters in the story are based on real-life children and adults, and make perfect sense to anyone who believes in saints, angels, miracles " and Santa Claus.

The Three Saints of Christmas is a story for children (from 5 to 95). The Three Saints will appeal to anyone who has an active imagination and the desire to explore the meaning of Christmas though fantasy and a non-traditional approach. This delightful story will appeal to children as well as adults young and old, around the world.

**My thoughts**

This is a sweet Christmas story about faith, hope, love and survival. Brittany is an amazing young woman, as children of the 19th century often needed to be. She does what it takes to care for the young brood, even though she is still a child, herself. She isn't aware that St. Joseph, Gabriel, and Santa Claus are keeping an eye out for her and her loved ones. God works in mysterious ways; bringing these three saints to all of them in human form is one way it happens.

The story is short, making it a quick read, but one that will have an impact on you. It could be good to share with your family, but I would probably aim for children a little older than 5. Some 5 year-olds could handle the mature themes (accidents, wolves and mountain lion attacks, potential death of adults), but I would be more comfortable reading this to middle elementary and older. It could make for a good discussion and a foundation for studying what life was really like in the 1800s.  

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Beverly Lein was born in Manning, Alberta, and raised in nearby Sunny Valley on her father’s farm with her three sisters and two brothers. Her hobbies have always included writing stories, songs, and poems. Before raising elk with her husband Carson on their own ranch, Lein worked as a cook, a farmer, a retailer, and a small business owner. A proud mother of two and grandmother of five, Lein’s life also requires her to be a veterinarian, a midwife, and an elk counselor depending on what the day brings. Beverly is the author of the books, *An Elk in the House *by NeWest Press, *The Three Saints of Christmas*, and *Wolf Spirit- The Story of Moon Beam and Mary Woman of Sorrows and Evil on the Peace River *published by Inkwater Books.

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