Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What Casts the Shadow? (The Edge of the Known) by Seth Mullins



What Casts the Shadow?

Brandon Chane is an artistic visionary, a profoundly gifted young musician and poet. He is also deeply troubled, and seemingly at the mercy of dark forces that threaten to tear his life apart. He has risked all of his fragile hopes upon the fate of his band, Edge of the Known, and the dream of following his Muse.

Here he narrates the incredible journey that begins when he meets Saul Mason, an enigmatic soul-guide who insists that Brandon’s life and destiny are of his own making. Saul’s wisdom and guidance sets Brandon upon a path of spiritual awakening; and this inner transformation reverberates not only within his own life but also within the lives of all the hungry, searching souls who are touched by his music…

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About Seth Mullins

 Seth Mullins first conceived of his dream to write novels in his early teens, and this one desire has stayed with him throughout all the other myriad twists and turns of life. His inspirations include methods of inner exploration such as dream-work and shamanism and his experiences as a songwriter and performing musician. He studied creative writing at Santa Fe Community College in New Mexico and Lane Community College in Oregon.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

The Magic of an Outreach Campaign by Timothy Welch

The Magic of an Outreach Campaign

Want to know a fantastical, magical, fun creative and relatively fast way to get your Outreach off and running; read this book and find out how. This is useful for anyone; the average business owner, the local politician, a local non profit group, a charity, or even the local church.

Only thing missing is you and your imagination. Learn from the master of Creative Outreaching. Journey with the author as he shares his stories and personal research what works and what does not work too well.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Firework Kisses and Summertime Wishes by Linda West

Fireworks Kisses and Summertime Wishes

***Next Book in the #1 Best Selling Holiday Romance Series****

When beautiful tomboy Elle is broken up with by her longtime boyfriend she thinks her chance for happiness is over. Growing up in the wonderful clean and wholesome mountain town all she had ever dreamed of was having a family of her own. Having lost her parents at a young age, Elle knew true happiness was to be found in the love and connection of family. Now all she had left to find solace in is her horses and helping her Grandpa run the lodge.
When a stranger comes to town and starts hanging around the stables Elle is a bit concerned. Slowly she warms up to the odd young man and encourages him to start working with the horses. As they get to know each other they realize they are very much alike on the inside, even if they have taken extremely different paths in their lives.

When things take a surprisingly different turn, Elle is forced to choose between what she thinks she wants and what her heart says. Everyone wants a hero, but not everyone can recognize a true one when they meet them.

This is a truly loving and moving story about a military war hero that heals and finds love in a very special place called Kissing Bridge Mountain.

This is a perfect book for Christians and other people who enjoy a clean wholesome and feel good romance!

About Linda West:

Linda West was born in Buffalo and now lives in LA. She used her small town as an inspiration for Kissing Bridge Mountain, and she had more fun writing this book than any thing she has ever written! Linda is a manifestation and law of attraction expert and has many books on empowerment and living your dream life. Go see her tools and books at

Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence by Usiere Uko

Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence

Drawing extensively from the author's personal experience and spiced with humor, Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence, like a friendly guide takes you by the hand and shows you the way home.

Each chapter covers a step with an illustration from the author's personal life. With these steps, you learn how to discover yourself, your unique gifts and talents and how to make your unique contribution to the world, becoming who you were born to be in the process.

The journey to financial freedom and independence is not just about becoming rich, but the freedom to live your dreams, and in the process give others permission to live theirs.

Practical Steps to Financial Freedom and Independence is a marriage between financial advice and personal growth and development. Knowing the right techniques or ‘how to’s’ is not enough to do the right things on a sustainable basis. Financial freedom may give you wings, but personal growth and development is the wind beneath those wings.

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About Usiere Uko

Usiere Uko is not your regular personal finance expert. He is a man on a mission - to inspire everyday folks to rise above their circumstances/excuses and live their dreams.

Usiere, originally a Mechanical Engineer with over 20 years in the oil and gas industry applied the principles of personal finance he learned to quit his job at 47 to live his dreams.

Usiere is a personal finance coach, a Personal Finance columnist for Punch Newspapers (Nigeria) AM Finance, writes Leadership & Lifestyle and Today's Lifeline magazines.

Usiere is a rookie marathoner, wannabe sky diver and believes in living life without limits. Usiere lives in Lagos Nigeria and is happily married with a lovely son and daughter.

He blogs at

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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Happy Release Day! Freedom From Fear by Pauline Creeden


frontFear is a cage. It closes us in and keeps us from living in the freedom that we should be.

Some people get so overcome by fear that they cannot even leave their house. Phobias have become almost fashionable. We label our fears and hug them tight to us as if they are things we need to keep our security. We coddle them and keep them happy so that they don’t destroy us, and the last thing we want to do is provoke them. That powerlessness is what keeps us from accomplishing great things in our lives, whether personally or for God’s kingdom.

In Freedom from Fear, we explore the keys to our freedom through faith and obedience to God's word. With this book, you'll learn to put your trust in God's character and turn to him when you're feeling out of control.

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Pauline Creeden

Pauline CreedenPauline Creeden is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy. In her fiction, she creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get bored if she pretends to be one person for too long.

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Walking to Jerusalem by Chris Hill is available for pre-order

Walking to Jerusalem

Small beginnings. Detours along the way. Questions about how and when God is going to fulfill His purposes. We know the end of David’s story, but David only knew it step by step. Like us, he had to follow God’s path even when it seemed too slow. He had to believe that realizing our life’s purpose is only the beginning of our calling, not the culmination of it. He had to trust that God sometimes allows years to go by between an anointing and a crown.

In Walking to Jerusalem, Dr. Chris Hill travels through the twelve cities that shaped David’s life and explores what those places mean in light of God’s calling to us. Dr. Hill also walks with us through the “cities” in his own remarkable story. Along the way, you will discover, or reawaken, your own unique calling. You will more fully understand the places you have already traveled, become attuned to the spiritual city where God has you now, and be better equipped for where God is leading you.

Walking to Jerusalem reminds us that where we start does not determine where we end up. Each step we take is a part of who we will become. So journey with David from his Bethlehem beginnings to his Jerusalem home. Discover with this shepherd boy that destiny is never just a destination. It’s a process God uses to shape who He has called us to be.
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About Dr. Chris Hill

Dr. Chris Hill served as youth and associate pastor at Bishop T. D. Jakes’s church in Dallas, Texas, before traveling as a world evangelist for seven years. In 2009, he began preaching at a struggling church in Denver, Colorado. Soon after his arrival, he was installed as senior pastor of the church, which became The Potter’s House of Denver in 2010. Now one of the fastest growing churches in America, The Potter’s House provides one of Denver’s largest homeless initiatives, a prison ministry that serves over ten prisons state-wide, a free counseling center, and services for veterans, seniors, and youth. God continues to use Dr. Hill to help redefine the scope and influence of the postmodern pulpit. Over the past twenty years of Dr. Hill’s ministry, 30 million people have heard his empowering message of hope that crosses all cultures, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Monday, May 9, 2016

The Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Psalms is FREE for a limited time

Wiersbe Bible Study Series: Psalms

Rediscover this powerful collection of praise, prayer, and worship

Our God is extraordinary. A loving Savior. A caring Comforter. A tenderhearted Father. The One who has pursued our hearts at any cost. The book of Psalms celebrates the love story between creation and its Creator. It’s a story that shares the remarkable attributes of God, and our joyous response to all that He is. This study guide explores the book of Psalms, a collection that continues to be the definitive devotional, prayer book, and hymnal for every believer.

The Wiersbe Bible Studies Series explores timeless wisdom found in God’s word. Based on Dr. Warren W. Wiersbe’s popular “BE” series, each study provides topical, relevant insights from selected books of the Bible. Designed for small groups, this eight-week study features selected commentaries from BE Worshipful and BE Exultant!, engaging questions, and practical applications, all designed to help you connect God’s word with your life.
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Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Holy Dusters: Fragments by Judith Wemuth-Atkinson

The Holy Dusters: Fragments

In seven fragments, Judith Wermuth-Atkinson looks at the stories of old people from different societies and cultures of our time – from England to New England, Germany, India, and post-World War II Bulgaria. This is an appeal for attention to our attitudes toward the elderly. The author stresses that although "old age seems to be an inconvenience for many families, for society, and most certainly for the economics of any state" we should remember that "the old people of our time are also the creators of this time" and that "what the present represents for us was their project, their work - not just ours."

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Monday, May 2, 2016

The Magnificent World of Spirits: Eyewitness Accounts of Where We Go When We Die by Marlene Bateman Sullivan

The Magnificent World of Spirits

Life. Death. Life.

Not everyone who visits the spirit world stays there. The Magnificent World of Spirits: Eyewitness Accounts of Where We Go When We Die, gives fascinating glimpses of life beyond the veil by people who visited the spirit world during the early years of the LDS Church.

Filled with stories of insight and inspiration, The Magnificent World of Spirits is a stirring book that combines documented personal experiences with scripture, commentary, and quotes from latter-day prophets and other leaders. This book will bring you peace as you come to understand what awaits on the other side of the veil. After reading this book, you will never think of life—or death—in the same way.

Excerpts from The Magnificent World of Spirits
Sometime in 1867, John Powell wrote; “My spirit then left my body and went with my guide . . . Here I beheld the inhabitants. The houses and trees were beautiful to behold. I was so amazed and so delighted that I requested my guide to permit me to stay and dwell there, for all things were far in advance of this world.”


While in Philadelphia, Edward Southgate found himself in the spirit world. He says; “I found myself standing in the midst of a vast assembly of people all dressed in white robes. I was greatly impressed—awed is perhaps a better word—by their appearance. Somehow, in a way I cannot describe, their faces seemed to radiate love and happiness and something far deeper and more powerful than happiness—JOY!”


When Brother Pettersson visited the spirit world, he said it resembled the world he knew on earth. He then added, “There were cities and villages, lakes and rivers, fields and gardens, houses and mansions, temples and palaces, flowers and animals of great beauty and variety. The people were busy. Some were building, some were planting, some harvesting.”


Lorena A. Wilson said; “Before us lay a vast city or realm . . . Everything was clean and beaming with radiant beauty. . . . We walked, or seemed to walk, but without apparent effort, a long distance through pleasant streets, lined with beautiful buildings, over paved walks which were bordered by well-kept lawns. The lawns were set with pretty trees and shrubbery, with here and there beds of gorgeous flowers, which were a delight to behold.”

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Gaze Into Heaven: Near-Death Experiences in Early LDS Church History

Gaze Into Heaven; Near-death Experiences in Early LDS Church History, is a collection of more than 50 near-death experiences that occurred during the early years of the LDS Church. These documented accounts give fascinating glimpses into the spirit world by those who have actually been there. What happens when we die? What does the spirit world look like? Will we see departed family members and friends? What do people do there? All of these questions and many more are answered in Gaze Into Heaven.

About Marlene Bateman Sullivan

Marlene Bateman Sullivan was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and grew up in Sandy, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor's degree in English. She is married to Kelly R. Sullivan and they live on a half-acre lot in North Salt Lake, Utah, in the foothills of the lovely Wasatch Mountains. Marlene loves reading, camping, and flowers, and has a super-sized iris garden with over 75 different varieties. An animal lover, Marlene has a pudgy Westie and an energetic Welsh Corgi, both of whom manage to co-exist with their four cats.

Marlene has written a number of non-fiction books, including: Latter-day Saint Heroes and Heroines, And There Were Angels Among Them, Visits From Beyond the Veil, By the Ministering of Angels, Brigham’s Boys, Heroes of Faith, Gaze Into Heaven; Near-death Experiences in Early Church History, and The Magnificent World of Spirits. Marlene also wrote the best-selling novel, Light on Fire Island, as well as three other mysteries, Motive for Murder, A Death in the Family, and Crooked House. Marlene is also the author of the delightful romance, For Sale by Owner.

You can learn more about Marlene and her books at