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'Love Beyond Time' by Hannah Raybans & Tara Raybans


What is love? Is it the physical attraction we feel for someone, or the deep feelings of caring that we express for our friends and families? Or is it someone more, something transcendent, that can heal nations and bring peace back to the earth? This book seeks to answer those questions and provide a framework, using examples of love and sacrifice from ancient times to the present, as well as situations where we as a civilization have gone astray, for a solution to what ails the World we live in today. In examining the lives of historical luminaries who have had the most significant impact on our progress toward a World of love and peace, from Jesus of Nazareth to Mother Teresa to John Lennon, this book will give you hope and inspiration for bringing about change and restoring the World to a more loving place for future generations. 

Amazon Reader Reviews of “Nonfiction: “Love Beyond Time” A love inspired historical guide for Inspiration, peace love and healing code”:

“Oh what a beautiful book. The wealth of information shows how much research and work the authors, Hannah and Tara Raybans put into this book. The writing was heartfelt and so easy to understand. It was a spiritual walk through the leaders who have tried to shape our world into a happy loving place. We only have One Earth and we are killing it. We all need to reach out to each other and accept each person for who they are inside, and not by the color of their skin or what they believe in. Love holds all of us up when we need it and we need to share love not hate. It inspired me to want to be a better example to the one standing next to me. A smile is the easiest form of Love, some days all one person may need is a smile. It can heal more than we think. We can only survive by personal transformation and by working together as a team or Mother Earth will be gone and so will we. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Love Never Dies!”

“This was a very inspiring book that promotes love over hate and prejudice. I particularly enjoyed the lessons from civilizations past that discussed how different communities lived in complete spiritual harmony with their environment. Examples of people from across the globe show how it is possible to live a spiritual existence that compliments and protects this earth and all who live upon it. The story of Enrique Penalosa of Bogota is but one of many examples of what one person's love and caring can accomplish. A better world can definitely be created through love and personal transformation, as this book provides ample evidence of.”

“This is an incredible book based on spirituality, love, and personal transformation. "Love Beyond Time" is well put together in an organized format that flows smoothly, making it an enjoyable and easy read. The words on these pages confirms that love never dies. If you are looking for an uplifting and inspirational book, then I highly recommend this one.”

"Although I feel that love is certainly the cornerstone of life at many depths, the use of examples from visionaries as well known as Mahatma Ghandi, through to the likes of Mother Teresa and John Lennon reconfirms just how important love, respect and a moralistic attitude to life is what makes a successful life.

This is a book that will help with spiritual growth and inspire a person to look at their inner self and set goals that they can aspire to. Worth reading if you are seeking personal growth or feeling lost with your own peace of mind."

"While not focusing on any one religion or faith, “Love Beyond Time” is truly a family devotional with a wealth of inspirational spirituality and wisdom.

To quote the late great John Lennon, “Love is all we need.”"

"A book of personal transformation and enlightenment. A book to inspire all ages."

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

'The Time Has Come to Tell My Story' by Ingrid D. Campbell


Ingrid D. Campbell takes you on a journey through her life under the watchful eyes of many. 

Keeping in mind, it’s not where she came from its where her journey leads her. In writing her first novel she learned about self growth, patience, faith and learned to appreciate all her humbling experiences. The four major car accidents and two major emergency surgeries changed her entire outlook on life. Things can constantly change in a matter of seconds. Now it’s time to share her story with others.

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'The Bull, The Bear, and the Baboon: FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way' by Winsor Hoang


front cover

Product Details

Paperback: 302 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (September 20, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1484888987
ISBN-13: 978-1484888988
Product Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.6 inches


Why do 90% of the people who start trading FX lose money?

‘World-class traders, trainers and authors’ have spent many years exaggerating, misrepresenting, advocating techniques that no one could ever master, and taught out-of-date, worthless techniques is why. Adding to the fact that new traders trust “experts”; they attend “free” how-to-trade FX seminars offered by self-described expert traders; they buy books that “reveal the secrets” of successful traders and eventually have to learn a lot of hard lessons of big money losses.

This book will arm you with the knowledge you need to avoid the fate of 90% of new FX traders and in turn, big money losses.

How can I be so sure? I was one of the thousands who graduated from the school of big losses. The only thing I became an expert in was losing money. I paid for courses, bought and read books, and purchased a number of software systems when I first became an FX trader.

I only wish is that this book had been available then, being armed with these lessons and those learnt from others' experiences. I would have saved thousands of dollars of hard earned money, years of time, and trouble at home.

This book details the experiences of seven of us who believed the experts. It reveals the ways FX trading experts misrepresent their success, why the methods they teach don't work for traders. Reading this book before you spend anything on “expert” training, you’ll know what questions to ask, how to get to the truth, how not to get taken by disreputable trainers, and how you can more likely become one of the 10% of new FX traders who actually make money.

After two years of planning, writing and editing, utilizing Winsor Hoang’s 15+ years’ experience in the forex market as well as drawing on the experience of others, this book is able to identify the lessons learned and ways to be more aware of the pitfalls of investing in a competitive forex market.

With so many “experts” in the market, taking peoples' money and offering nothing of value in return, this book provides a wealth of knowledge that every new investor should know when entering the forex market!

The Bull, The Bear, and The Baboon offers an insight into the currency trading market through the eyes of seven people, each with a different reason for becoming a trader. Their individual stories and the ways in which they interact and influence each other provide the reader an eye-opening portrayal of the trading world.

Both entertaining and informational, this book reads like a suspense novel and, at the same time, offers practical advice to both the novice and experienced investors. It is a captivating narrative story in what is typically a nonfiction, educational genre.

Inspired by the overwhelming number of swindlers that fool the average individual entering currency trading, this book is written for mainstream audiences, weaving very real trading cautionary points into the technical pitfalls, disciplines, and psychologies related to trading.

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back coverHarry, a stock broker who lost everything in the dot com crash, turns to foreign exchange currency trading where he quickly learns there is more money in training than in trading. Selling students dreams of independence and wealth, and selectively showing his own trading history, Harry is again living the high life. But, seven students soon realize that Harry was selling lies, and everyone will have to pay the price – including Harry.

The Bull, The Bear and The Baboon looks inside the currency trading market through the eyes of seven people, each with different reasons for becoming a trader. Their individual stories and the ways in which they interact and influence each other provide the reader an eye opening portrayal of the trading world. Both entertaining and informational, this book reads like a suspense novel and, at the same time, offers practical advice to both the novice and experienced investors. It is a captivating narrative story into what is a typically non-fiction, educational genre.

Ron, an entrepreneur and self-made multimillionaire, needs a new challenge. Michelle, an unemployed, recent college graduate is seeking income. Joey, a compulsive gambler, sees a new game he can play from home. Each succumbs to Harry’s sales pitch and enrolls in a course that will change their lives – and the lives of four others who band together to form the “Gang of Seven.” The Bull, The Bear and The Baboon recounts each person’s situation, examines the reasons their trading strategies failed, offers specific steps that investors should take to avoid losing all their money, and outlines a trading edge to significant profitability, even when one is right only half the time.

Inspired by the overwhelming number of swindlers that fool the average individual entering currency trading, this book is written for the mainstream audiences, weaving very real trading cautionary points into the technical pitfalls, disciplines, and psychology related to trading.

About the author:

author picture Winsor HoangWinsor Hoang is the founder and CEO of CTS Forex, and is also a registered Forex commodity trading advisor (CTA) with the National Futures Association (NFA) offering managed account services to high net worth individuals with a minimum account of $50K. Winsor is the author of “The Bull, The Bear and The Baboon – FX Lessons Learned the Hard Way." Using his 15 years of automated system design as a professional electrical engineer, Winsor has successfully transitioned to systematic trading development. Winsor started researching the FX market in 2003 and founded CTS Forex in 2007, specializing in the systematic trading of the EUR/USD currency pair. Winsor has nearly two decades and more than twenty thousand hours of trading experience. Not all of Winsor’s twenty thousand hours came without their challenges, losses and learnings though. Throughout this process, Winsor and those around him had some very interesting and varied experiences with their introduction to FX trading from many “experts” around the world. In his book, The Bull, The Bear and The Baboon, Winsor shares his lessons learned to help others avoid the same pitfalls he and others experienced.

CTS Forex actively works with several high profile mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists, and computational finance specialists at the University of Calgary and other leading institutions to develop reliable and robust trading systems. Joint FX research has also produced several academic papers that have been published in first-class international scientific journals such as Journal of Mathematical Finance (JMF), Elsevier Procedia Computer Science Journal, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Journal, and International Conference on Computational Science. CTS Forex uses an automated, statistical, risk-managed FX trading system that produces profits with just 50 percent winning trades. CTS Forex's systematic trading has the advantage of imposing strict risk discipline, avoiding emotionally induced errors, and capturing profitable opportunities. Automated trading has proven to increase portfolio returns by removing the need for 24-hour monitoring of international markets, overcoming the effects of human emotion and eliminating costly trading pattern inconsistencies.

If you are interested in more information about our Managed Forex accounts, please call CTS Forex on 1-888-260- 3939 or contact us at

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'52 Prescriptions for Happiness: A Year of Inspiration for the Body, Mind, and Soul' by Mali Apple & Joe Dunn


Each “prescription” in this book is a week's worth of fun and intriguing ideas to energize your body, expand your mind, and nurture your soul. You'll discover:
• how to instantly tap into your inner wisdom and connect to your source of personal power
• the “Magic Door” that propels you from self-doubt to self-confidence
• one-minute meditations to relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, and speed healing
• easy ways to release regret, resentment, and guilt
• effective techniques for letting go of negative thought patterns and finding peace in stressful situations
• simple ways to increase your self-love and open up to your full potential
• powerful tools for activating intuition and creativity
Featuring the breathtaking imagery of 52 visionary artists, whose artwork is intentionally created to uplift and inspire you.

Read an excerpt:
Go Through the Magic Door: The Ultimate Cure for a Bad Hair Day

On your way out of the house in the morning, you take one last glance in the mirror—and suddenly nothing seems right. Your hair isn’t behaving, your pants don’t fit right, your shirt is wrinkled, your shoes are worn. You’re not happy with the way you look, but it’s time to go.

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll want to know about the Magic Door. By passing through the Magic Door, you choose to be exactly who you are right now and to fully accept yourself as such. In essence, you “own” whoever you are at this moment: whatever you’re wearing, whatever flaws or wrinkles you might have, whatever your clothing and hair looks like today, even all of the choices you’ve made up to this point. The Magic Door is your reminder that it’s totally okay to be you out in the world, exactly as you are right now.

So when you step out your front door for the day, make it a Magic Door. Whatever is going on for you, decide to own it. Once you go through that door, there will be no more questioning whether you’re wearing the right outfit; no more putting yourself down because of the lines on your face or what you have or haven’t done. Step through that door and fully take on the feeling of being as beautiful, as sexy, as comfortable, as confident, or as poised as you’d like.

Whenever you feel yourself sinking into self-doubt during the day, make the next door you go through a Magic Door—whether it’s a car door or the entrance to a restaurant. You can even mentally create an archway on the sidewalk if you’re walking along and that self-deprecating voice starts up.

The Magic Door instantly propels you from self-doubt into self-confidence. Rather than changing your clothes, you change your self-perception. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you wear: it’s your feeling about yourself that makes all the difference.

**My thoughts**

It takes a long time to make positive changes in your life. You have to work hard at it, one small step at a time. The advantage of this book is that you make one positive affirmation a week, slowly retraining your brain over those seven days to think about yourself differently. You can work on changing yourself, both physically and emotionally, by following each of these "prescriptions." In addition to each explanation and suggestion for how to implement the lifestyle change is a gorgeous picture that exemplifies the idea for the week. If you are reading on a black and white Kindle, you will definitely be missing out! I read my copy on a Kindle Fire HD, and have to tell you that they are just stunning. 

I also think that the book can be used in a way that best fits what you need for that week. You don't necessarily have to follow the 52 prescriptions perfectly in order. Some of these could even be altered to be used with children, or you could turn this into a family experience.

Download the first four prescriptions for free by clicking here!


Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends. Their bestselling book The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, which won a 2012 International Book Awards gold medal and a 2012 Living Now Awards silver medal, has been called “a relationship guide masterpiece” and “a catalyst for transformation in life, relationships, and self.” The sequel, The Soulmate Lover, will be published in fall 2014.

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Happy Release Day! 'Blue Butterfly' by Marian L. Thomas

Contemporary Women's Fiction
Christian Fiction
Clean Fiction

The Back Cover:

Precious Blue Johnson, young, country and naive, from Lutts County, Georgia, is traveling to the energizing city of New York to search for her birth father and perhaps make history by becoming the first black ballerina. Her simple mocha skin and thick lips will put her in the center of a movement, expose secrets and unlock the past as she steps onto the stage as the Blue Butterfly. She will be guided by the vivacious and wise Ms. Ann and fall in love with the alluring Ray Silvers.

Ray brings the whole package. Enchanting eyes, a bright future as a doctor, and a willingness to love completely. To Precious, he is perfect. Except Ray’s package includes his deadly past. Will their love survive the one person who could end it all—his drug-addicted mother?

Check Out an Online Excerpt:

Praise for Blue Butterfly:
"What happens when Precious Blue Johnson sets out to find her father on the way to stardom? Author Marian L. Thomas has woven a page turner that will have you wanting more. In her book, Blue Butterfly, the author does a fantastic job developing each character and taking the reader on a ride of unexpected turns. Blue Butterfly brings families together through past painful experiences, hidden secrets and personal agendas. Those three elements make for a wonderful and enjoyable read."
~ Paulette Harper, Award-Winning Author of Completely Whole, Living Separate Lives

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Twitter: MarianLThomas01

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'The Three Kitties That Saved My Life' by Michael Meyer

The Three Kitties That Saved My Life - PROMO Blitz
By Michael Meyer
Date Published: April 22, 2013

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AN UPLIFTING TRUE STORY OF LOVE - from love and loss to love renewed - a feel-good read  #1 Amazon bestseller in Love and Loss, December 2013.

Losing loved ones is an awful fact of life; losing one's loving spouse, one's day-to-day partner through life, especially in the prime of life, is one of the most unbearable tolls that we humans are forced to endure. This is the true story of my journey from grieving widower, not caring if I lived or died, to the once-again happily married man I am today, a man who both loves and cherishes life. My three kitties have given me a new zest for living.

My story begins with loss and tears, but it ends with lots of love and laughter. I hope that you will find yourself both entertained and inspired by my journey.


"This story will touch you, and you'll be telling your friends about it long after you've finished....Please buy this book and absorb it into your own life's experience. It will make you a stronger person." - T.R Harris, bestselling author of THE HUMAN CHRONICLES SAGA.

"It is one of the most moving books I've ever read. I cried very hard in the early part and rejoiced with the author through the rest." - Nick Russell, bestselling author of the BIG LAKE series

It is amazing how time helps. In time, I have learned to overcome my own albatross. I have learned to live again, to love again. Life is a gift reads a plaque on our dining room wall, and that sums up what I have gained from the three kitties that saved my life. From Coco, I learned to care again. From Kitty, I learned to love again. From Pom Pom, I have learned how to cope with my own demons, the effects of aging being one of these. Pom Pom has taught me to accept what is and then to move onward. Yes, I have learned plenty from my three kitties.
My journey has been a long one, a difficult one at times, but it has a happy ending. The three kitties in my life have made it so. They have all helped me to become the happy-to-be-alive man that I am today. I now accept rather than cope. I live each day to the fullest, knowing full well that life is a gift, and a very precious one at that. I look back on my life and I often think that I must be the luckiest man in the world. I have so much to be thankful for. The wonderment and beauty of life are both so dear to me.
And, to add a delicious icing to the lovely taste of my life, I can say with total honesty to the whole world, my voice booming into the sky, my dancing feet not caring in the least who might see me, that I have been very fortunate to have done something that brings more sheer delight and wonderful pride to me than anything else that I have accomplished in my life: I have fallen madly, heads-over-heels in love not once, but twice, and how many others can say that?

Michael Meyer

 photo AuthorMikeMeyer_zpsa3bdc9bc.jpgWriter of mysteries, thrillers, humorous fiction, and non-fiction: Love and romance, laughter and tears, thrills and fears.



THE THREE KITTIES THAT SAVED MY LIFE was my heartfelt attempt to make things right again in my own life, and putting this true story of love down on paper worked. It was something that I just knew I had to do.

I have resided in and have visited many places in the world, all of which have contributed in some way to my own published writing. I have literally traveled throughout the world, on numerous occasions. I have lived in Finland, Germany, Thailand, Saudi Arabia (where COVERT DREAMS - INTERNATIONAL SUSPENSE COLLECTION BOOK ONE - is set), and the U.S. Virgin Islands (where DEADLY EYES - INTERNATIONAL SUSPENSE COLLECTION BOOK TWO - is set). I gained the wanderlust to see the world, to experience other cultures, at an early age, and this desire has never left me. If anything, it has only gained in intensity as I have aged. I try to travel internationally at least once a year. In the interim, I spend lots of time traveling around both my home state of California and other nearby states.

Among the many unique things that have happened to me in my world travels, I have walked the streets of Istanbul with a detective, searching for a pickpocket who got me good. I have ridden on the back of a motorcycle in Tehran while the driver, who spoke not one word of English, pointed out all the sights to me. I have wrestled an Iranian soldier who tried to break into my hotel room in Tehran. I have had the paint completely stripped from my car as I drove across Saudi Arabia in a sandstorm. I have stood on the stage of a busy nightclub in Tokyo, singing "She'll be Coming Round the Mountain When She Comes" to an audience feeling no pain from the Sake they were drinking. I have been chased by a family of mongooses (yes, that is the correct spelling) on the idyllic Caribbean island of St. Croix. And that is just the beginning of my long list of worldly adventures.

As a recent retiree from a forty-year career as a professor of writing, I now live in Southern California wine country with my wife, Kitty, and our two adorable rescue cats.

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'The GOD Soliloquy: GOD and Spirituality : Finding GOD Outside Religion (God and spirituality outside religion)' by Gopi Menon

Is GOD vindictive and judgmental? Is the World a place of punishment?

“What if everything we have been taught to believe about this World and about GOD is all wrong?”

Remember that all the holy books ever written about God and this World were written when people were ignorant of even the most basic laws of the world! Because they were written during the Age of Ignorance, these tomes were full of contradictions, superstitions and fantasy.

In the GOD Soliloquy, GOD speaks out against False Doctrines that have kept Humans Enslaved to Fear!

HE also gives us a better, more optimistic and encouraging view of the world.

We are introduced to The New Commandments that will help us live a Happier Life Here as well as in the Hereafter.

The New Commandments ask the following searching questions:
  • Is GOD judgmental and vindictive OR benevolent and loving?
  • Is this World is a place of punishment for the sins of your forefathers? Or is it an amazing place for you to have fun, learn new things and grow and evolve by overcoming challenges?
  • Do you believe that you are a Unique Expression of GOD's Divinity? If so shouldn't you be using your unique talents and abilities to co-create wonderful things, thus helping in the continued evolution of this planet?
  • Do you know that GOD and this World are for you, not against you? If so who then is against you?
  • And many more intriguing questions.

˃˃˃ Is it possible for us to live a Joyful Life here in this world OR only in the Afterlife?

According to the GOD Soliloquy, it is not only possible to live joyfully here and now, it is what we are supposed to do. We are NOT programmed for misery - only for joy!

How then do we live joyfully? By using our GOD given Mind to focus on our dreams with Imagination and Faith and by taking Action immediately when prompted to by our Intuition.

Our Intuition is our link to the Universal Mind which is connected to all things and hence can help us achieve our dreams easier. This Universal Mind is aware of all things, so that it can synergistically create the correct situations by connecting the right people and circumstances, just so that you can enjoy lucky breaks and synchronicities!

The Universe wants you to have everything that you desire! GOD’s desire for you is the same as your desire for yourself!

˃˃˃ Does GOD need your Worship?

NO says the GOD Soliloquy! Ritual Worship is unnecessary. If so how then do we show our reverence to GOD?

These and many other soul-searching questions are answered in the GOD Soliloquy.

These revolutionary answers can change Your Life almost overnight!

Get 'The GOD Soliloquy' today and see how YOUR life can change!
**FREE April 1-2**

'Go For It' by Matthew C. Martino


GO FOR IT will guide you through some tough decisions you have to make as an entrepreneur and take you on a journey through the highs and lows of a being your own boss.

"So, keep walking. Enjoy. Experience the joy of doing something meaningful. Oh, and by the way, it‘s now time to GO FOR IT and do what you love the most!"

Available on Amazon US \ Amazon UK \ Book Depository UK

About the Author
Matthew Martino born 27 October 1992 is a British Entrepreneur, Film Producer and Author. Educated at Shenfield High School in Brentwood, Martino has always held a passion for writing - He has always focused on educational writing and research. His first book Lets Fly which was published by DM Aviation was well received by pilots and aviation enthusiasts around the world. During his early years Martino showed all the qualities required to maintain proven success. Martino has lived in Brentwood ,United Kingdom for seven years before which he lived in his hometown of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe.

Get to know more about him on Wikipedia