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Review of Cloud Whispers by Sedona Hutton with Giveaway

Welcome to the review tour for Cloud Whispers by Sedona Hutton. It's a bunch of intertwined storylines that revolve around the concept of the Law of Attraction, while also nodding to religions. Some readers of this blog may find parts of this book to be a little racier than they normally would like. I say to you to just skip over those parts, because the underlying message is the important part of this story, and I think you will appreciate it. Keep on reading for more of my honest thoughts, as well as an excerpt from the story. Leave a question or comment for the author. And then follow the tour for even more excerpts and reviews, as well as opportunities to win the giveaway.

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Cloud Whispers

The daughter she gave away. The family she always wanted. The journey to redefine her fate.

Katie Callahan longs to start a family of her own. Infertile and unable to convince her relatives to accept the man she married, she regrets giving away the daughter from her secret teenage pregnancy. When a twist of fate brings a second chance at motherhood, she’s caught between joy and the fear of her husband’s rejection of another man’s child… until a devastating motorcycle accident rips the decision out of her hands.

With her body trapped in a coma, Katie finds herself in the dreamlike space between Earth and the afterlife. Guided by spiritual forces and the soul of her beloved dog, she learns the life-changing power of intention and self-transformation. From her ethereal vantage-point, she watches as her loved ones work together to connect the pieces of their broken hearts. As she finally realizes her true destiny, Katie's only chance to fulfill her purpose means completing an impossible journey back to life…

Cloud Whispers is a mind-expanding women’s fiction novel with a strong spiritual message. If you like headstrong heroines, heartwarming stories of family and forgiveness, and new age concepts, then you’ll love Sedona Hutton’s empowering tale.

Read an excerpt:
“Guides are assigned to humans at birth.” Posie sat cross-legged on the ground. Katie joined her, facing the dazzling view. “Black Eagle and I have been with you since the day you were born.”

“Wow.” She angled her head, wondering how it all worked. Her mind flashed back to her days in Belize, when she’d suspected she was pregnant. She’d been so scared, so alone. Her exchange mother had been kind, but Katie had only been with her for a month when she’d figured it out. She’d missed a few periods before she’d gone to Central America, but she’d chalked it up to stress after her boyfriend had broken up with her the day after they’d finally had sex. Her exchange father had been cool and distant, and her popular exchange sister hadn’t wanted anything to do with her. She’d managed to make a few friends on her own, but their friendships were new and delicate. Then, seemingly out of the blue, another exchange student had appeared in their small coastal town. She’d come from Sweden, with fair skin and long, shiny blonde hair, and had been the prettiest girl Katie had ever seen. She’d looked a lot like…Katie lifted her gaze to Posie. “You!”

Posie’s lips curved into a smile. “I thought you could use a friend.”


**My thoughts**
The blurb for this book really caught my attention. Being someone who also suffers from infertility issues, I am often drawn to those kinds of stories. I also really like those spiritual stories that truly have a good message and aren't beating you over the head with their ideas. So I wanted to give this one a shot.

I felt like I was reading a couple of different novels all rolled into one book. The parts where Katie is in the clouds, or transitional area, as she is trying to figure out if she is going to live or die actually reminded me a lot of a novel called White Night by my friend Kathi Haacke Morehead. The two have similar concepts of a being (or beings) in the Afterlife trying to help the person in transition understand what it is that is going on and how to better appreciate life on Earth. This part of the book really moved me. I am quite familiar with the Law of Attraction already. But something in the way it was presented here served as a reminder to start using it again. 

Part of this story also revolves around Katie's love stories. There is the love that she and her husband Liam share. There is the love that she has for her daughter, whom she had to give up at birth, and for her stepdaughter whom she has been raising as her own for the past several years. And then there is the love between her and other members of her family. Her job is to figure out what she really wants from all of those relationships, as part of her life as a whole, and to manifest them into reality.

The other sort of mini novel within this spiritual one is a contemporary romance between Shane, Liam's brother, and Liz, Katie's sister. Even without Katie's story of soul searching, this story almost could have stood on its own. A lot of the time it worked. Sometimes it felt like it was starting to detract a bit from the spiritual message being put forth. And yet everyone's story needed to be told, as they were all unfolding within this family at the same time.

The only things I didn't like about this book were Liam lost too many people to death, and Shane was just a little too rich. Again, I understand their purpose in telling the story, but I would have connected to them a little bit more if those aspects were toned down a bit.

Other than that, I really had a hard time putting this book down and devoured it in one long evening. It really did make me stop and think about some things in my life. What you are going to get out of it is going to be personal to you, as the Law of Attraction always is.

About Sedona Hutton

Author Sedona Hutton finds inspiration in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee, where she lives with her husband and curly-coated retriever. In addition to writing, she’s a Reiki Master and a certified Chopra Center Meditation instructor. She enjoys reading, yoga, gardening, playing with her dog, and riding motorcycles. Her “Peace, Love, & Joy” blog can be found on her website. Visit her at www.SedonaHutton.com, Facebook @SedonaHuttonAuthor, and Twitter @SedonaHutton.


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