Sunday, November 25, 2012

'Snow Whyte and the Queen of Mayhem' by Melissa Lemon

Book description:

Katiyana Whyte’s world is only as big as the apple orchard she was raised on. She can never leave the home where she grew up under the careful eye of her great uncle Barney. But when life at the orchard suddenly becomes dangerous and her childhood friend Jeremy begs her to flee, Kat finds refuge in the Fluttering Forest with seven dwarfs.

Meanwhile, the queen of Mayhem, an evil sorceress, learns through her magic mirror that the daughter she believed to be dead still lives. Enraged, she sends a servant to kill Kat, the princess of Mayhem, but Kat finds protection in a spell that causes snowstorms whenever she is in danger, giving her the nickname Snow Whyte.

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Meet the Author:

Melissa has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil in her hand and she has a deformed, calloused finger to prove it.  She began twisting fairy tales in the fifth grade when she wrote a story about George of the Jungle making his way to Neverland.  Melissa enjoys writing, making music, reading, baking and running.  She lives with her husband, three daughters and cat named Matilda.  To learn more about author Melissa Lemon and her other book Cinder and Ella you can visit her website:

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cover Reveal! '101 Notes of Thanksgiving' by Pauline Creeden

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Marcy Rachel Designs has created a new cover for '101 Notes of Thanksgiving' by Pauline Creeden. This book will also be free for the Thanksgiving holiday! Check out more about the book and then see the new cover!

Book Description from Amazon:

Notes and Meditations on God's word and what the believer has to be thankful for.

This book is a short devotional book with scriptures and notes on those scriptures meant to engage the reader in praise and thanksgiving for God and His promises. Perfect for this season of thanks, but can be used any time of year to help you remember all the things God has done for you and why we should praise Him!


In simple language, Pauline Creeden breaks down Biblical stories and applies them to real life in new ways. Her methods of teaching have brought new light to old scriptures. In her fiction, she creates worlds that are both familiar and strange, often pulling the veil between dimensions. She becomes the main character in each of her stories, and because she has ADD, she will get bored if she pretends to be one person for too long.

Pauline is a horse trainer from Virginia, but writing is her therapy.

She is the administrator for Spirit Filled Kindle and an administrator for Readers' Realm. Her articles, reviews, and devotionals have been featured in RUBY FOR WOMEN Magazine, Devotionals for Bloggers, Faith Filled Family Magazine, and Christian Fiction Book Reviews.

One of Pauline's short stories has won the CCW Short Story contest. Other short stories have been published in Fear & Trembling Magazine, Obsidian River and Avenir Eclectia. An urban fantasy short will appear in The Book of Sylvari: An Anthology of Elves from Port Yonder Press, and a vampire short will appear in Monsters! from Diminished Media Group. She is currently editing and drafting several novels at various stages.

Hope you'll come back and see what else she comes up with!

Here is the beautiful new cover!

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

'Refuge' Book Tour

Book description:

Laney Lowell moved across the country to escape her past, not to fall in love. But when she becomes friends with Gabe, a handsome artist plagued by a mysterious disease, she’ll have to decide between facing his dark truth or walking away from him forever. This thrilling romance is full of twists that will keep you guessing to the last page.

Buy links: Amazon 

Meet the Author:

I live in a little cottage in Garner, North Carolina, a small town just outside of Raleigh, with my husband, Tom. Our three children are grown and (mostly) gone, but our needy cat, Pepper, makes sure we’re not bored–especially as she likes to sit in front of the computer screen while I type. We have six grandchildren who keep all of us on our toes.
I may be a grandmother, but I’m young at heart. I love working with the youth and am only happier when I’m writing for them and about them. Along with the best career of all as a wife and a mother, I’ve been a personnel assistant, registered nurse, home-school teacher, local newspaper lady, and bookstore clerk. Now, I happily add writer to those. One of my favorite quotes is from George Elliott, “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” I believe this applies not just to a writing career, but to everything in life. After all, succeeding at new things just takes faith and trust and a little bit of fairy dust…

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'Francesca of Lost Nation' Book Blog Barrage!

Francesca of Lost Nation
by Lucinda Sue Crosby
Published by LuckyCinda
244 pages (Paperback & eBook formats)
Historical Romantic Adventure
Heat Level: Sweet


Winner of Four Literary Prizes / Author selected as one of “50 Authors You Should be Reading” by The Authors Show online media outlet

Funny at times and filled with little pearls of everyday wisdom, this book is as much a romantic thriller as it is a perfect little capsule of a time gone by. It is a book about love of all kinds - between grandmother and child, between child and dog, between man and woman.”

Romantic Adventure Book suitable for all ages!

This book is about an unconventional 59-year old woman, Francesca, and her resourceful 10-year old granddaughter, Sarah, who share the adventures of a lifetime over the summer of 1947 in Lost Nation, Iowa. Together, they enchant barnstorming pilots, wow Clinton County Fair attendees, conquer the skies, confront an escaped arsonist, discover how Lost Nation got its intriguing name, and eventually demonstrate to one another the greatest truth about love.

Anyone who loves their grandmother will enjoy reading this Romance Fiction about family, friendship and strong women.

First three chapters available:

Lucinda Sue Crosby is the most talented writer I have ever worked with. Her words touch the heart and allow the reader a glimpse into her soul. You'll find yourself enticingly drawn into her novel experiencing a rare intimacy with the characters as well as feeling a connection to the author.”--Gary Mule Deer, comedian, entertainer, musician

Throughout one's lifetime, it is such a rare thing to meet someone who is truly unique and brilliant. When you do, you know your life has been touched by greatness. I am so grateful to have met such a person, named Cinda the Songwriter, over a decade ago. I have had the honor and privilege of vocally interpreting her beautifully crafted stories. Do yourself a huge favor and take a moment to explore her heart and life experiences while basking in the warmth and glow of her handy work.”--Renee Martin, Christian recording artist

I loved the book.”--Garry Marshall, Hollywood Icon, film director, author

 Buy links: Kindle | Paperback

About the Author:

Lucinda Sue Crosby is Kindle Bestseller and 2011 Winner by TheAuthorShow of “50 Authors You Should be Reading.” In addition, Crosby is a Nashville songwriter, commissioned poet, award-winning journalist and prize-winning author. Her novel, Francesca of Lost Nation, has been on the Kindle International Bestsellers list in Romance categories and has won four literary prizes.

Contact Lucinda at:

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Monday, November 12, 2012

'Texting Through Time: John Taylor and the Mystery Puzzle' Book Tour

Book Description:

Micah and Alicia are excited to meet John Taylor as a child in England. But when their phone won’t let them return to their own time, they’ll follow the prophet around the world, learning some important lessons along the way. Humorous, entertaining, and informative, this book is a wonderful introduction to church history that’s bound to be a family favorite!

**My thoughts**

Apparently, this Texting Through Time book is the second in a series. This is the only one that I have read, but I am curious to read some more. In this series, brother and sister, Micah and Alicia, have a Magic Tree House-like experience, in which they get to travel through time to meet important people in the Mormon church's history. Instead of a book, they have a magical cell phone from their father. They cannot return home until they have solved a puzzle and learned some very important lessons.

This story is a good one for kids to read to help them remember the teachings of the church, and to live the lives they were meant to lead. Church history is very important, as is finding and living your faith. Kids will enjoy reading the adventures. Parents and teachers can use this as a basis for discussion with the kids. It would be appropriate to read with middle elementary and older. Some younger ones may enjoy the story, but will need some discussion to help them understand what is going on. Older kids, and kids-at-heart, will also feel their hearts fill with joy as they read this adventure. Mine did.

Meet the Author:

My grandmother lived with us when I was young. She loved to read me stories. I would curl up in her lap or sit on the bed next to her and listen to the tales spin out before me. We cried together over Lassie Come Home and loved Madeline and her adventures. That was a magical time for me in my life. When my children were little, I loved reading to them because it kept the magic alive. Now my children are grown, I can keep the magic by writing stories for others to read.

I love to read and write stories about the pioneer prophets.

Pioneers live all over the world. I still have family in Switzerland and Poland. Where do you and your ancestors come from? Write and tell me.

I am like the pioneers because I love:
  • Old fashioned cooking—making butter
  • Pioneer games—button, button, who’s got the button?
  • Crafts the pioneers enjoyed—drying wild flowers
To learn more about the author and her books, you can visit her website at:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

'Jeremy's Christmas Journey' Book Tour with Music

Book description:

For Jeremy, Christmas is just another reminder that he’ll never be able to enjoy the things that come so easily to other children. Then one night he has a dream that will change everything. 

Accompanied by stirring music, this story of finding faith and discovering the power of the Master Healer is sure to be cherished at Christmastime and all year long.

**My thoughts**
This book is a touching reminder of how you need to hold onto your faith, even when in the depths of despair. Jeremy has been unable to walk for most of his life and doubts the faith so easily demonstrated by his parents. He just doesn't feel like he has been touched, due to his predicament. 

In his dream, he observes numerous witnesses, literally giving their testimonies before a court, as to how Jesus is a healer. Some of them even had their faith revitalized because of their interactions with Him. Each testimony is a reminder to Jeremy of how important faith can be. Will he learn from this?

Each character who provides a testimony is someone who appears in various Bible stories. Each one sings a song, to demonstrate his or her path to redemption. Music is provided at the end of the book, for those who wish to perform the songs. You can also purchase an accompanying CD. I could see this book being used in a series of lessons for either Christmas or Easter. It would also make for a fun musical program for kids and/or adults to put on around the holidays. 

About the author:

Scott Johnson spent most of his childhood in Orem, Utah, where he gained a love for creative writing. Recognizing his potential at a young age, his teachers and family encouraged him to explore his developing writing talents.

Scott continued to craft imaginative and original stories through his teenage years and served as a yearbook writer and photographer in High School. He published his first book, Nutrition: A Word of Wisdom, in 2009, and has published more than 175 editorial pieces in various online publications.

Scott, his wife and four children reside in Utah County where they enjoy the mountains and outdoors. Scott is regularly asked by his children to share an original story, which he gladly obliges.

Author Links:

The YouTube channel has trailers and samples of the music from the CD: 
Author website:
Twitter: DocScottJohnson