Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Read an excerpt from Love Brings Change by Eisha Coutee

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Love Brings Change

Love Brings Change is an inspirational read based on Eisha Coutee's Love Brings Change blogs. It is simply BlogSpot gumbo for the soul. A refreshing take on relationships and how to get the love you want from the one you're with. Love Brings Change gives it to you straight, no chaser. Coutee explores the true meaning of love unconditional, and uses personal experience and relatable topics in a way that restores, rekindles, reignites and reveres black love, self love, and personal accountability for the love that we attract into our lives. It takes us on a journey of complete and total transformation of our thoughts and perspectives giving us a new take on compassionate loving. For with transformation, comes change, and change is inevitable, therefore, undoubtedly love...brings...change!


Read an excerpt:
All we can do is continue to be optimistic that there is still good in each and every person that we encounter no matter the exterior version they give us. You can’t control people or their perception of you. You can’t control how they act towards you, respond towards you, or whether or not they even appreciate you or not for each and every one of us has the power over how we feel about ourselves. You can’t make people passionate about your cause or make them fight deep down in the trenches with you if they are not fighters. You can’t make a person into anything other than what they are, and they can’t change you either. The best you can do if you can’t change a thing or a situation or a person is change the way you look at it or feel about it, or them. Change how you respond to it. 
Sometimes moving forward means stretching your faith. Sometimes moving forward means leaving behind some of those you love dearly, for attachment to any one thing that’s stagnant or stationary will never grow you. Sometimes being grown up means facing the ugly reality that change sometimes hurts, but it’s necessary, and no matter what the outcome, everything will always be okay in the end.

About Eisha Coutee

Eisha Coutee is a California native, born and raised in the Bay area. She has been writing ever since she was able to hold a pen! Alongside of authoring Coutee is a poet, and orator, a mother of three and graduate of California State East Bay University. For more information on Coutee and her upcoming works of arts or workshops visit www.eishacoutee.com!

Author Website: www.eishacoutee.com

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