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Love's Sacrifice and Promise (The Twin Mountain Inn) by Madison McBride


This is the heartwarming story of how Isabella discovered her lineage to the Thornton family. Her family's legacy wasn't just built on the Twin Mountain Inn's existence, but through every one of the four generations before her. The story begins with a forceful, grounded faith and a sacrificing love held together by an unbreakable promise.

Bell finds the journal of her father's grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Bailey. Bell is quickly captivated by the story of hardship and loss in love and her father's grandmother's enduring faith and love for the Lord through it all. In the midst of all this, there was Nathan and the enduring promise he made that bonded Mary to him before they even set eyes on each other. The only way Nathan could get redemption was through Mary's empathetic love for him.

Will Nathan win over Elizabeth's magnanimous heart?

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Madison lives in the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband, two children, and a very spoiled Dachshund. She loves Hallmark movies, coffee, and chocolates. Madison loves history and enjoys spending time in museums and other historical places. She feels very strongly about treasuring family and time spend together. She also enjoys wildlife and landscape photography if she is not writing or reading. 

As a child she always loved reading, but she never realized how much she would love writing until she started. To be able to share this gift of writing has become a dream come true. She believes every character in her books has been influenced by someone or something from her life. 

If you enjoy romantic stories with lasting characters showcasing strong family bonds, with a red threat of faith tying everything together, you surely will enjoy Madison’s books. It is touching stories that are emotional and sweet that captivate the reader and transport them to another time and place. She writes a particular genre, and when she sits down to write, the magic happens. She doesn't know where the characters will take her, throughout their journey as they discover themselves, they give you hope and make you think.

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Read an excerpt from Time to Shine (History Village Series) by Jo Elliott

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Welcome to the book tour for Time to Shine by Jo Elliott! While this book may be geared toward a slightly younger crowd, even adults will likely enjoy it. See what you think of this excerpt and then follow the tour for even more. Best of luck entering the giveaway!

History Village: Time to Shine
(History Village #3)
By Jo Elliott
Christian Middle Grade/Lower YA Sci-Fi, Time Travel
Paperback & ebook, 171 Pages
September 10, 2020

Ally, Josh and Brendan are half siblings living in Australia who have a difficult situation to face at School and at home.  They have a special interest in the past as they have previously embarked on two time-travelling adventures with God's divine help.

Once again they embark on their latest time-travelling adventure into first century, ancient Syria.  On the road to Damascus the children meet the frightening Commander who is on a mission to find and punish anyone who disagrees with his religious views.  The children must quickly learn who can be trusted in this dystopian Village as they push back against the darkness and look for the truth.  In time, the children learn that ordinary people with extraordinary faith in God can have a monumental impact throughout the generations.  

With the help of biblical heroes of old, this coming of age story will help young people discover their own unique purpose and mission in life.  If you enjoy action-packed, suspenseful drama enveloped in cultural history, you are going to love "Time to Shine".

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Read an exclusive excerpt:
It was about noon in the middle of the day, and Saul was completely exasperated. Instead of acquiring a son, this terrible ordeal had produced only hot winds. Saul had won no victories, nor would he have any descendants to take over the earth. He threw off his coat, and tossed handfuls of dust into the air. This gesture was enough to send his men into a tailspin. They were mortified… and they turned to the culprits and asked:

“What on earth have you done?”

Saul pointed angrily at Baasha:

“Confess! Why this disaster? Where do you come from? What family?”

“I am a Hebrew… I worship GOD, the God of heaven who made the sea and land!” Baasha explained hurriedly.

Ariston was just about to say that he was descended from the exact same tribe as Saul, but he didn’t get the chance. A bright light, far brighter than the sun suddenly poured out of the sky. Everyone fell face down on the ground in sheer terror.

Other Books in the Series

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About the Author

Jo Elliott was born in Melbourne Australia, to Greek parents and has resided in the world's greatest city all her life. She left a career in industrial relations to pursue her greatest love which is introducing children to God's word. Joanna is married to Phillip Elliott, a devoted writer of fiction, and together they have traveled the world, opening their minds and their hearts to new peoples and languages. When she's not plotting her next teen book, Jo is trying to learn Italian, and is tinkering with an old family piano (which requires urgent tuning!)

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Read an exclusive excerpt from Raven's Apprentice by D. Robert Hardy


Real-life adventures are always interesting to read and inspirational. Read an exclusive excerpt from D. Robert Hardy's book Raven's Apprentice, a true story from the west coast of B.C. and then download your own copy. Follow the tour to read even more! And let him know what you think along the way. Best of luck entering the giveaway!

Raven's Apprentice is a compelling true story from the west coast of B.C. that launches you into the world of Raven and our interconnectedness with all living things.

"Suddenly, without warning, they spun on a fin and started charging the boat. My thrill turned to real panic. Killer whales attacking a boat. Had there ever been such a thing? A paralysis gripped me. Now, within striking distance, they slipped into an arrowhead formation just below the surface. If the leader of the pack didn't bring the boat down, his flanks would."

"At about 20 feet off the bow, the frontrunner broke the surface, peeling waves off his rostrum as he continued his commitment to engage. Bracing for impact, my hands squeezed into the railing..."

Travel with me aboard MV Lady Guinevere. Witness being charged by transient killer whales, stalked by wolves and walking creeks so pristine you feel as if you were the first human to experience the wonder of nature.

"You have succeeded in bringing the reader on the voyage with you and into the deeper experience of transcendence and heightened awareness. Some of your experiences are literally skin tingling, many will leave your reader thinking and remembering for a long time to come." - Sid Tafler – Writer, Editorbr.

"Don Hardy’s RAVEN’S APPRENTICE is a great and compelling story, both nuanced and vivid, that will leave readers wanting to head off on adventures of their own."
- Heather Stockard - IndieReader

Read an exclusive excerpt:
I looked down into the water. It was clean, but a plankton bloom was obscuring the bottom with its billions of tiny microscopic organisms consuming and multiplying by the second. They were the silent killers that stole the oxygen from the surface waters, forcing all living things to find life in the greater depths. But they would not affect me. I wasn’t a fish. I could swim around on the surface and cool off without a care in the world. So, I jumped in.

I paddled around the surface enjoying the buoyancy. Stretching out, I flipped onto my back. Looking up, the sky was a fade of blue, like an old pair of familiar jeans. There is nothing like swimming in saltwater. You can’t help but float. I would dream of the ocean and the salt air when I was a landlocked road musician: of dried beaches of seaweed and living creatures below the sand.

Something suddenly banged into my leg. It must have been a stick or small log. I continued to swim and slip through the waters like a frog wedging on the surface.

Another hit, but this time it stung and felt alive as if something was confused by the low visibility of the water and what it cannot see, it fears. Suddenly I felt a bite. I had heard that some predators like to taste their meal before attacking full force. I lifted my leg out of the water and it was red like a carpet burn. Sharks have sandpaper skin! They can scrape us and leave us red and raw. I was hit again with real force in my lower back. They also like to taste their food. My imagination was taking over my rational thinking.

The platform on the back of the boat was at least 50 feet away. I needed to get out of the water. But I was slowly drifting out into the channel, caught in outflow current.

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Born in Halifax Nova Scotia. Grew up in small-town Cumberland, BC. but could not wait to get out and make his mark. Toured throughout Canada and the US as a professional musician until he realized he hated touring. Settled in Victoria, BC. Wrote six unpublished screenplays until he had real success with a stageplay called "A Garland for Judy." It toured down the west coast from Bellingham to Los Angles but topped the bill in San Francisco for six months to sold-out shows. Eventually settling into technical writing and developing online courses for most of his working life. Raven's Apprentice is a memoir that captured the imagination of a retired CBC executive who said, "You must bottle up all of this adventure into a book! ...being rescued by transient killer whales encounters with wolves, spirits in the kelp ... it's all too exciting!" And so it is done.

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Grace (Angel Creek Christmas Brides Book 13) by Jo Grafford


A long-lost soldier, a sister of the woman he was once engaged to, and the merry mischief of a Christmas matchmaker…

Grace Byrd has been in love with Lieutenant Charley Arrington for as long as she can remember, but he barely notices her existence when her oldest sister, Elizabeth, is around. Grace’s heart is shattered when he goes missing in action and is presumed dead. She silently vows to live out her days as a spinster, because she cannot imagine ever giving her heart to another man.

Now he’s back in their lives — returned from a southern hospital where he suffered of amnesia for months. Ready to claim her oldest sister’s hand in marriage at long last, he quickly learns Elizabeth has become a mail-order bride in his absence to help out with her family’s failing finances. What’s more, she’s fallen in love with her new husband.

Is this Grace’s second chance to win the heart of the man she loves? Can Charley move beyond his old dreams and replace them with new ones? One-click this sweet, small town romance to find out…and be whisked away by the hope and healing of the holidays!

★ Titles by Jo! ★

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Read an excerpt:
Grace peered into the mirror over the table in her cousin’s entry foyer, nervously straightening her travel hat. Of all people in the world, why did it have to be Charley Arrington coming to escort her back to Angel Creek?

She knew the logical answer to that question, of course. He’d come to Charleston to fetch his parents for the holidays. However, it felt monumentally unfair that the man she loved would be the one delivering her into the arms of the man she would marry— one she’d never met. One who wasn’t Charley.

Find more of Jo Grafford's books here.

Jo is an Amazon bestselling author of sweet and inspirational romance stories with humor, heart, and happily-ever-afters.

Readers can connect with her in Cuppa Jo Readers on Facebook at and Bookbub at To join her New Release Email List, visit

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Saturday, October 24, 2020

I Know You By Heart: Navigating the Dementia Journey by Angie Swetland

In the U.S. today, over 5.8 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s Disease or related dementia. Each of these individuals has a story. And each one has caregivers, with stories of their own. You have questions – so many questions about what is happening now, and what is to come. How do I cope with this new manifestation of the disease? How do I prepare for an uncertain future? This is especially true when just navigating your way through each day can be overwhelming. Contained within these pages are answers to some of your questions as well as strategies for your future. In navigating this journey, it is important to remember two essential truths. The first is that the body may fail, and the mind may wander, but the spirit – the person inside - remains intact. The caregiver’s role is to maximize the remaining strengths of the person they care for. The second is that you are not alone. Caregiving is often an isolating experience. Stories from the lives of others let us know that our experiences are not unique. Be assured that many have gone before, and others are walking the same road today. This is "I Know You by Heart: Navigating the Dementia Journey"

Read an excerpt:


Ella is ready.

A former church organist and choir director, she is used to looking just so. These days she might emerge from her room with her wig askew, and her lipstick crooked. Still, she always tries to look her best.

Ella lives in a Memory Care Community.

Today she must go out for a doctor’s appointment. I am escorting her down to wait for her ride. It is warm for March in Minnesota. Ella is wearing a boiled wool suit in emerald green with a pillbox hat and has a light woolen coat on her arm. I offer to take her coat, which she hands me with thanks. She holds her handbag prettily in both hands. No one seeing her would ever dream that this elegant lady’s thoughts are blown about like sheet music in the wind. We enter the elevator with some trepidation. I know that Ella does not like elevators or closed spaces, but the stairs on her floor are secured, so this is the only exit.

The elevator is crowded. I see one resident I recognize; others in winter coats are coming to visit relatives, or here on business. It is a small space, but I count one, two, three, four, five…seven people, including Ella and me. We only have three floors to go. The door closes, and the elevator begins to descend.

Suddenly we all feel a jolt. The iron box we ride in has stopped between floors. There is a collective intake of breath, and people express dismay.

Quietly, I suggest to the man next to the emergency panel that he use the button to call for assistance. We can speak to our helpers on the outside, and they assure us that it will only be a few minutes.

Five minutes pass, then ten. The anxiety climbs, the muttering increases. People have places they need to be. One has a dentist appointment, and another must be back at the office, a third cannot imagine not meeting her child’s school bus. The other resident worries that she will miss her lunch.

I glance at Ella.

She has backed into the corner of the elevator. Her head is bowed, her shoulders hunched, her arms curled across her abdomen. She shudders. I step towards her, concerned that she is afraid, yes, but mostly worried about what she might do.

Suddenly she throws back her head, flings her arms wide, and begins to sing her favorite song, “My Wild Irish Rose,” full voice. And what a lovely voice it is. I catch her eye and grin and begin to sing along. The muttering stops. Everyone turns to stare.

We switch from “Irish Rose” to “When Irish Eyes Are Smiling” and then to “I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen.” One by one, the others join in, as we sing “Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra.” You see, it is St. Patrick’s Day.

When the elevator doors open ten minutes later, we all exit singing.

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Angie Swetland

Cresting Wave Publishing

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Read an excerpt from Jordan's Deliverance by Allen Steadham #JDPrism

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Welcome to the book tour for Jordan's Deliverance by Allen Steadham! Today I have an exclusive excerpt for you to enjoy before you download your own copy. Also enjoy the rest of the tour and best of luck entering the great giveaway at the end!

Jordan's Deliverance
(Jordan of Algoran #3)
By Allen Steadham
Christian Science Fiction, Fantasy
Paperback & ebook, 330 Pages
October 13, 2020 by Ambassador International

The Onchei are back.
And trouble looms...

The Onchei want to learn what happened to their brethren on Algoran from the only survivor, Zeetra. Yet they learn instead she has broken the Onchei’s highest law: never intermarry or have children with another race. For this, she now faces execution.

Jordan SnowFire fears the Onchei will blame the Mokta and seek retribution soon. Only an ancient heirloom, which contains the ultimate Onchei knowledge, can save the Mokta...except it's on Earth, a world she hasn't seen in decades.

Jordan sends her son, Arrow, and her friend's daughter, Maska, to rescue Zeetra while she travels back to Earth to seek the Onchei artifact. What tie is there between a thousand-year-old object and Jordan's ancestors? Could this explain why she and her mother were originally abducted and brought to Algoran?

In the skies of Algoran, a final confrontation looms between the Onchei and the Mokta. And on Earth, Jordan finds more than she could have possibly imagined...

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Read an exclusive excerpt:
The commander leaned back in the chair and looked up towards the ceiling for a moment. He sighed.

“I am prepared to offer you full immunity for any infractions you may have committed, Zeetra of Algoran, in exchange for whatever information you can offer me. What do you say to that?”

“I say prove it.”

“Excuse me? What do you mean?”

“You are the Commander. On your ship, you can say or do anything.”

“Within reason, yes, that is true. So?”

She sat up on the bed and radiated no small amount of contempt. She twirled a long strand of her hair for a few seconds then looked at the commander.

“So, you could make me an offer and rescind it once you get what you want. That’s a good deal for you . . . not me.”

“What do you want instead?”

“A full pardon, in writing, signed by the ruling council from your planetary government,” Zeetra said flatly. She looked at him with disgust. “Until I see that, I am not talking. And you may as well give me a counteragent to your stimulant and send me some untainted food.”

“You are taking a big risk acting this way,” Commander Imbador warned. “Getting that pardon will take even longer.”

“I am the only one who has the information you need. I think that justifies the risk,” Zeetra countered, her frown transforming to a smile. She put her hands behind her head, locking her fingers as she leaned back against the bed confidently. “And right now, I have nothing but time.”

Other Books in the Series

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About the Author

Allen Steadham created comic books and webcomics before he started writing novels. He has been married to his wife, Angel, since 1995 and they have two sons and a daughter. When not writing stories, Allen and his wife are singers, songwriters, and musicians. They have been in a Christian band together since 1997. They live in Central Texas.

Tour Schedule

Check out the Bookstagram Tour here, which has its own giveaway!

Tour Giveaway

- One winner will receive signed print copies of the entire Jordan of Algoran series (US only)
- One winner will receive ebook copies of the entire Jordan of Algoran series (open internationally)

- Ends October 29, 2020

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Read an excerpt from The Billionaire's Birthday Blind Date by Jo Grafford


It’s not easy coming up with a birthday surprise for a billionaire best friend — especially a guy she likes a little more than a best friend should…

But that won’t keep Eloise Cantona from trying. After enjoying the Billionaire Birthday Club’s exclusive birthday experience with her brother, Roman, she’s determined to recreate some of that magic for her best friend, Elon. He seriously works too hard managing his family’s golf resort empire. Don’t CEOs deserve a break, too? Unfortunately, Elon is so tight-lipped about his bucket list that she hardly knows where to begin. She ultimately decides to surprise him with a blind date.

Elon Carnegie has been wanting to ask Eloise on a date for a long time, but he is reluctant to risk a lifelong friendship if things don’t work out between them. When she surprises him with her ridiculous birthday gift of a blind date, however, he decides he’s done waiting for the right time and place to reveal his true feelings for her. So what if she thinks she already has the perfect weekend planned for him? He has one goal in mind — to spend every second of his birthday trying to win her heart!

Read an excerpt:
“Our friendship means everything to me.” So much so, that the idea of losing him for good brought her close to tears. 
After a pause, Elon folded his arms. His normally empathetic expression was unreadable.\ 
“Prove it." 
“Prove what?” she asked helplessly, half expecting him to break into a laugh and tell her this was all some sort of joke. He’d always been a bit of a prankster. She glanced around them at the crowded cafe. It was a popular lunchtime dive. The tables were jammed with patrons. Not an empty chair was in sight. 
“That our friendship still means something to you." 
“How?” She reached for her glass of tea to get rid of the sudden dryness in her throat. 
“That’s for you to figure out, sugar.” A ghost of a smile tugged at his mouth, though it didn’t reach his eyes. “I have a birthday coming up. How about you surprise me?”

Available on Amazon

(affiliate link)

 Find more of Jo Grafford's books here.

Jo is an Amazon bestselling author of sweet and inspirational romance stories with humor, heart, and happily-ever-afters.

Readers can connect with her in Cuppa Jo Readers on Facebook at and Bookbub at To join her New Release Email List, visit

I was compensated via Fiverr for sharing this post. I only share those books I feel will be of interest to my readers.