Tuesday, June 18, 2013

'Shariah Law for America' by Amr Bin Hayem Metwally


Shariah Law for America is written with the anticipation of the apocalypse followed by the return of Jesus Christ. This book is not for today's world as we know it. Rather, this book explains the phenomenons happening around us: natural disasters, wars, political scandals. These are all indications of the end times.

Shariah Law for America cross references the Hadith (prophecies of Prophet Mohammad) with the Quran to explain what's happening, why it is happening, and how to survive the horrific afflictions yet to come.

In addition, Shariah Law for America dispels all the purposely malicious conspiracy theories against Shariah Law and using authentic and proper sources, prove that Shariah Law can be quite useful in creating a better society.

Read an excerpt:
When you boil all this down to, Shariah Law reminds me a lot of Richard Keil’s title character in an early nineties B movie called The Giant of Thunder Mountain. This movie is so obscure that it is still only available on VHS! I can’t even find a digital copy of it anywhere on the internet. So bear (no pun intended, you’ll see why later) with me as I try to remember something I saw once at a movie theatre over twenty years ago.
Even though Giant of Thunder Mountain is a rated PG movie, it was somewhat eerie... It is about this small town in Northern California during the last days of the cowboy era. A top of the mountain lived a giant thought to have killed his own parents when he was just twelve years old. No one would dare bother him and he would not bother others. At the same time, a man-eating grizzly bear menaced the townsfolk every now and then striking those who have wandered to far from the safety of the village.
Naturally, the next generation of young villagers who heard the rumors of this giant living in a hermitage secluded high above in the mountains, wanted to see him for themselves.
As the story advanced a young eight year-old girl befriended him and wanted to reintroduce him to the villagers. Needless to say, the villagers were not the least bit welcoming. After roughing up a carnie who was purposely but secretly operating a rigged carnival game, the townsfolk now more than ever, wanted this giant down away with for good. They were hoping that Bart the vicious man eating grizzly bear would be the death of him.
Unfortunately, by this time in the movie, Bart the bear was now going after the inhabitants of the village. No longer was the man eating bear content with devouring those who ventured out of bounds. Although met with skepticism, the truth became known, it was Bart the bear that killed the giant’s parents. 
The climax of the movie was a final confrontation between the misunderstood giant wielding his trusty ax on one side and the killer grizzly snapping its bloody jaws on the other. Guess which side the townspeople stood behind if ye do understand? 

Amr Metwally is a writer and an entrepreneur. He is the founder of Whirlwind Entertainment, a indie film production company and is co-founder of Proudly NOT made in China.org (https://www.pnmic.org/), a tech startup that assists customers who for whatever reason choose not to purchase made in China.

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