Thursday, March 13, 2014

'When I Fall in Love' by Clint Morey


A self-centered girl's perfect world is turned upside down when her grandfather has a stroke. As the family members descend on the old homestead and seek to protect "their share" of the estate, Amy is assigned the job of caring for her grandparents. As she learns more about how God brought her grandparents together, Amy finds her own experiences coinciding with their love story. By the end, she's willing to fight her entire family to see that her grandparents' great adventure doesn't end in a nursing home. While her great adventure is just beginning.

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Author bio: 

Born and raised in L.A., it didn’t take much to convince my wife and I to leave the smog, traffic and dead bolts of Southern California and head for a new life in The Big Sky Country — Montana. Montana has been and continues to be a great adventure for us. God has blessed us in many ways — six beautiful children and many wonderful friends. It’s also a great place to be a writer.


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