Thursday, May 22, 2014

'The Omega Journey: Blood Moons Whisper (God Factor Saga Book One)' by J. Nell Brown


If you knew your ending, how would you live your beginning?

Daniela Cavanaugh, born to ordinary African-American parents in an ordinary college town, is gifted by Yahweh with dreams of the future. She must warn the world before a looming pandemic strikes the earth. But, she has dreams of her own, fall in love in spite of her antiquated virtuous beliefs, a feat more challenging in her mind than parting the Red Sea. She becomes a medical doctor, and at thirty years old she's never been kissed. Her growing love for a reclusive and emotionally wounded billionaire, threatens to turn Daniela from Yahweh's plan.

Cillian Finn, born to a Scottish-Irish single mother in a shack on the Antrim Coast of Ireland, is orphaned and ravaged by abuse. He is a vagabond who needs a Red Sea miracle of his own. Flickers of a dream smolder in his heart, the American dream, and a loving family. Sucked into the dark world of The Orphans, an espionage rogue team, he must find an old relic or die. 

The earth passes through the sun and the moon. A blood moon forms. Blood moons, a temple, Jewish holidays.a forbidden love, and a pandemic collide at the end of times. But, two relics must be found before the world is changed for all eternity. Three blood-moon prophets must sound the prophetic warning, but heartbreak, love, dark forces, and adventures threaten to silence them all. LEFT BEHIND meets ANNE of GREEN GABLES!

About the author
J. Nell Brown, daughter of a chaplain and a teacher, is a Florida native. 

Her relationship with Yahweh mixed with experiences in life, travel, extensive Bible study, and peoples' stories blend together to form characters, plots, and geographical setting for her novels. An involuntary insomniac, Brown practices medicine and writes in her free time.

She is a self-proclaimed nerd and loves all things scientific. Her love of science is demonstrated by her research at Los Alamos National Laboratory, the site for the development of the atomic bomb. She graduated with honors from The University of Florida (U of F) College of Agriculture and received her Medical Doctorate from the same. After completing an anesthesia residency at The University of Chicago Hospitals, she practices in Florida.

Her heart overflows with compassion for hurting people, particularly children. A portion of the proceeds for this book will go to A-21 Campaign, an organization to rescue human trafficked children and Eastside Baptist School in Gainesville, Florida, a school of love, values, and solid educational curriculum for children whose parents would not be able to afford a private school education., a project designed for adventurous women in need of spiritual renewal, was founded by J. Nell Brown in 2008. "Shhh, My Father is Speaking and I am Listening" is the title of her first non-fiction book and "Blood Moon--God's Warning: Why knowledge of Jewish Feasts are essential to understand the Blood Moons of 2014 and 2015" is the title of her second. "The Omega Journey Blood Moons Whisper" is the title of her debut novel. The Bible is her favorite literary masterpiece.

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