Friday, November 8, 2013

Ano Ano: The Seed Trilogy by Kristin Zambucka


Ano 'Ano: The Seed has become a classic in Hawai'i and around the world. It tells of a group of seekers who are offered a "code of life": a way in which the suffering of mankind can be overcome. It’s two sequels, The Mana Keepers and The Fire Lily are included in this volume. These collective works remind men and women of their oneness with nature and that they are "the Keepers of the Sacred Earth." Conflicting fires within us all are revealed, shadow-selves and ancient patterns are examined and understood, finally leading to the dawn of inner peace.

Kristin Zambucka's Classic Trilogy has become a Classic in the US and around the world.Lavishly illustrated pages glow with the intriguing symbolism of Zambucka's paintings,as the reader is guided towards facing the difficulties and meaning of life in the first book: ANO'ANO:THE SEED then in the second book:THE MANA KEEPERS it reminds the reader of connections to the earth and the wisdom of working with nature instead of against it. Finally,the third book leads the reader through the flames of suffering to the finding of hope and inner peace as the flame transforms into a lily:THE FIRE LILY.

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