Thursday, November 14, 2013

'The Fire Lily (Ka Lilia O Ke Ahi) (Ano Ano The Seed Trilogy Book 3' by Kristin Zambucka


In THE FIRE LILY : the third book of her widely acclaimed inspirational books Ano Ano The Seed:Classic Trilogy,author Kristin Zambucka leads the reader through the confrontation of inner shadows to the glorious possibility of personal resurrection: a sun rising within.From the flames of suffering a lily can be born...A Fire Lily symbolizing the promise of new life and new beginnings. The book begins with a strong insightful passage:
'Do not live like most people...and you will not cry like them...Rise above wrong ideas that you have cherished...No longer fight to defend false notions that fill your days with misery...Search deep within your heart ...And find the ancient fire that can burn away any obstacles that hinder your path to peace...'

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