Sunday, December 22, 2013

'Secrets of a Giant Killer: Lesson from the Life of David for the 21st Century' by Dr. Steve Ball

Book Blurb:

Secular and Biblical history records the existence of giants that once roamed the earth. From Ancient Greek Mythology to British Archeologist, giants have fascinated scientist, anthropologist and historians alike. What is it about giants that we don’t know? The spiritual significance of giants will amaze you. They still exist to this day – that is in the supernatural realm…
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Author Bio:

STEVE BALL …Pastor, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Entrepreneur & Author.

Dr. Steve Ball and his wife, Reita, are the Founders and Lead Pastors of Metropolitan Tabernacle, a non-denominational, spirit-filled, diverse church in Chattanooga, Tennessee with 30+ nationalities represented in the congregation.

Dr. Ball has spent a lifetime building and developing relationships in all sectors of society, both public and private. His leadership skills have been recognized by national and international, private and government organizations. He specializes in building bridges between people from all walks of life. His international connections allow him the privilege of bringing people together for a more excellent tomorrow. He is a highly sought after speaker.

Dr. Ball mentors and networks with “spiritual sons and daughters” across America and around the world. He also facilitates the Metro Tab Fellowship of Ministers (MTFM) for those with a desire to connect to this dynamic ministry.

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