Thursday, May 29, 2014

'Dream Life: Make Your Dreams Your Reality Today' by Cherie Mitchell


Imagine listing all your dreams and goals and one by one, achieving every dream on that list. Imagine not being afraid to step out and live the life you want and deserve. Imagine your Dream Life. Is this the life you are currently living? Why not? We have but one life and our own fears and hesitations often hold us back from truly living. Do we want to tread carefully and safely through our earthly years and arrive at the end of our life time with regrets for the things we have neither achieved nor even attempted? Or do we want to believe we can do everything that we imagine or dream of and just get on and do it? If the meaning of life is to learn all you can then surely the steps towards your dreams and goals are the most important lessons you can gather around yourself? Dream life, then set out to live that life. Dream life and start today.

Read an excerpt:
What a lesson this was for the six year old me. I had been offered an opportunity that I chose not to take. This choice not to accept the opportunity was mine and mine alone. No one else had any bearing on my decision not to embark on this adventure. I had built up the whole journey in my head before even attempting it. I had imagined obstacles and unenjoyable, strenuous efforts with no reward. Instead the journey had been a real highlight for the children who had accepted the opportunity. Not one of my imagined problems had come to fruition and the other children instead had been rewarded with exciting, fun and new experiences. 
This lesson was a very big one and I learned it well and I learned it early. From this moment I would never say no to the offer of a new experience. I would not say no to an opportunity. Never again would I let my doubts – all of which proved to be completely groundless on this momentous occasion – hold me back from the joy that life could offer. 
How often do adults complete their lives without ever learning this valuable lesson? Imagined blocks, obstacles and the anticipation of much effort with no reward? How often has someone decided against taking up an opportunity because of all the things they thought might go wrong? How often have they detailed the whole process out in their heads, step by step, constructing problems at every point?

What would happen if instead of thinking of all the negative aspects of a proposition you instead accepted it as it was and dealt with each aspect as and if it arose? Why not instead of doubting just take the offer and imagine it at its very end – a happy result with wonderful memories? Why not take out all the imagined obstacles along the way and picture the successful completion? What is stopping you from doing this? Not anyone but yourself.

Author Bio

Cherie Mitchell wrote her first story for her family at the age of three. A life-long lover of words, by the age of eight she had moved through all levels of spelling in the school curriculum and her teachers gave her the dictionary to learn from. Also at age eight Cherie self-published her first book “The Mitchell Twins”, a five chapter book containing the adventures of the two sets of twins in Cherie’s family.

In the succeeding years Cherie has continued to write but life has often gotten in the way. Published works included women’s glossy magazines (New Zealand), news media and webpage content. Newsletters and e-books, advertising editorials and advertising campaigns are included in Cherie’s portfolio.

Now living in Australia, after leaving New Zealand following the destruction of her city during the Christchurch 2010/2011 earthquakes, Cherie is mother to three grown children, grandmother to Ella, partner to Dave and General Manager of a successful lighting wholesale company. Not yet 50 years old, Cherie believes that life is for living and the more experiences and learning opportunities that a person involves themselves in the more exceptional and satisfying their life will be.

Cherie has never been afraid to set out and achieve her goals and dreams and has always motivated others to do the same. In the interests of reaching a wider audience to inspire Cherie has penned Dream Life, using anecdotes from her own life to illustrate the power of believing that you can attain anything you dream of. She encourages you to set out to do just the same; one step at a time.

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