Monday, May 19, 2014

'Perspective' by Matthew Douglas Rainbow Walker


In this book, Rainbow Walker encourages you to look at yourself, your life and the world through a different "Perspective". Their inspirational words may help you see that by looking within, learning to love and accept yourself for who you truly are; may enable you to see the perspectives and projections of others that cause you to lose the ability to see your true potential, or to keep you from moving forward. Explore Perspective at

Take a sneak peek at some of the wisdom within:
....Your perspective of yourself, others, life, and the world can vary from how others view you, themselves, life and the world. Depending on your point of view, you can see the world around you as harsh, cold, and cruel, or as positive, loving and hopeful...

...The symphony of life has many conductors, players, and parts to be played. Your part is different from that of every other person. You are the musician and the instrument, and the music of your life begins with what you choose to play. The energy you put out, results either in a world filled with negativity if you choose to view it that way, or in world of positivity if you choose that view...

...To create change in the world, start by shifting your perspective and changing yourself. At the same time in this world, change is inevitable. Even if you take a stand in your life and say, "I will not change”; the universe will still bring change...

...Life is an illusion, a series of tests, lessons, accomplishments and experiences. Failures do not matter in life other than to allow you to see the difference between a failure and a success. Know that these failures are nothing but steps towards where you want to be...

Author’s Bio:

Matthew Douglas was born and raised in a small Indiana town in the United States and is the youngest of four siblings. He faced many challenges in life, which provided him with the growth he needed to step forward into this expression of his true purpose.

Matthew realized he was a natural channel for Rainbow Walker in 2003 and has been channeling them ever since. Rainbow Walker is a collective of spiritual guides who call themselves Rainbow Walker. Rainbow Walker includes Yogi, Joy, Zac, and Seth. Yes, this is confirmed to be the same SETH who worked with Jane Roberts to product the SETH Material in the 1970s. Matthew is dedicated to sharing their transformative information with the world. He is passionate about spreading their inspirational work and enjoys helping other people find their true path by looking within.


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