Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Change Your Mind, Not Your Child' by Michael Cavallaro

Even if you’ve never been a parent or don’t plan to be one this book is for you. Discover how your own upbringing and family patterns influence your life experiences today. See what you can do to change the patterns that no longer serve you.

Learn how to assist yourself and your children in becoming self-directed, self-actualized and loving human beings. Transform the way you parent, ending old family patterns that have been carried on for generations. Create of a new way of living that is rich and fulfilling.

By using the tools in this book you become a model of love and self-actualization for your child. You show them that there are no mistakes only discoveries and that you can choose how you experience life. Nurture, love and guide yourself and your children to become fully self-directed and as you change, life becomes a richer and satisfying experience for all whether you choose to be a parent or just parent yourself.

Change Your Mind Not Your Child: Loving Your Child by Raising Your Consciousness is a call for consciousness to all, seeking to raise healthier, happier human beings, whether parents, those considering having children, families of all kinds, or anyone wishing to have a fulfilling relationship with themselves and others.

Read an excerpt:
Love your child with all your heart 
Love yourself with all your heart. By doing this, you set an example for your child so that they can love themselves. Loving yourself is about accepting all of yourself — even the parts you believe are unlovable. Unconditionally accept that your body looks the way it does, that you are the age or gender you are, that you have the talents you do. When you do this, you show your child that they have the right and the ability to love themselves unconditionally as well. 
There is no greater act of love!

When your child sees you loving and caring for yourself, they will know that they can do this for themselves also. The child needs to see that to love one’s self is possible. By giving them the space and a living example, they will know how much you really love them. 
Children learn by example and use what has been modeled for them. If you show them that you do not love yourself with all your heart, they will come to believe that they do not deserve to be loved. How so? 
A true loving heart is one that has loved itself first and shares/radiates that love with others. Sharing or radiating love is different than giving love. When you radiate love it is because you have become the love. When you are the love then you can be nothing but loving. In this model, love is effortless because you are the living expression of love. 
When you show a child that you do not have love for yourself and that only others matter, they reflect and adopt this behavior and belief system. What you teach them by not loving yourself is that self doesn’t matter — only loving others matters. Loving others is a nice idea, but being the love that others then feel is to love without effort or sacrifice. Real love is effortless. 
Teaching a child to love themselves first is the sign of a truly loving heart. Loving themselves first means not putting other people’s needs and wants before their own. This is a tricky one for most parents to teach, as parents themselves have had no role models. As you model this, the child learns that you love them so much that your personal needs are not part of the equation in them loving themselves. You give them the freedom to consider their needs over yours and let them know that your love is absolute and pure. The key to teaching this to your child is learning to love yourself without conditions. You’ll learn more about what this looks like throughout the book.

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About the author:

Michael Cavallaro’s life work has been finding ways for people to integrate their spiritual nature with their everyday lives. For over 40 years he has helped thousands to lead healthier, happier lives by finding practical solutions to life’s challenges. As an international speaker, his true gift is expressing what each person knows within their own heart but never fully admits; assisting individuals who are ready to shed what’s not working in order to let their own light shine.

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