Thursday, August 16, 2012

Review of 'Back to Resolution'

Bay Anders is trying to move on after her mother's death. Having grown up in a world of wealth, she pretty much always had everything she had ever desired, except the truth about her father. Her mother finally confesses the truth on her deathbed, turning Bay's world upside-down. To top it off, her stepfather Peter wants nothing more to do with her and sends her to Australia. Richard, the photographer with whom she had been working, decides he doesn't need her help anymore. He thinks she is destined for greater things. Lost and in desperate need of a fresh start, she decides to commence a search for her father, finding her way to a quiet island called Resolution.

There, she comes across Flynn McKenna. He prefers to be left alone, yet cannot keep himself away from Bay. The two of them join forces to uncover the mystery of Bay's father's disappearance, which happens to coincide with developers trying to take over the island. Can they keep their relationship on a friendly level, or will they give into temptation?

This Australian novel was fun to read. I always enjoy following a character as she strives to find herself again after life deals some difficult blows. That is a storyline to which most of us can relate. When a little romance enters into it all, even better. This book can be considered a "clean romance," as there are no sex scenes in it.

I also appreciate how Bay seeks to regain her faith. She asks for help and tries to pay attention to the signs that are sent to her. The book encourages reconnecting with God, without being preachy about it. Each person needs to find their way in their own fashion. Both Bay and Flynn are able to do this.

The mystery surrounding Bay's father can be a little far-fetched if you are looking for a realistic story. It reminds me of something from a soap opera plot. But that is why they call this fiction. It's a fun little mystery to keep it entertaining.

The descriptions of the Australian island are very tempting and make me want to go overseas right away. This made for a nice summer read.

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I received a complimentary copy of this book via BookCrash in exchange for my honest review.

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