Tuesday, September 9, 2014

'Bobby the Bobolink Helps to Rescue His Proud Friend' by Charissa Tinsley

Book blurb: 

Children's books : "Bobby the Bobolink Helps To Rescue His Proud Friend",( Illustrated Picture Book for ages 3-10.) Teaches children the power of kindness and friendship. (Great for Beginner readers) (Bedtime story) The first book in the “Shared Values Collection.”

Read an excerpt:
Every duck in the colony had only the thought of getting ready and winning the beauty pageant on its mind. However, the bobolinks did not think being beautiful, popular, or gaining admiration from others was important. They loved their friends, and preferred to have them over so they could tell them that Jesus loves each one of them too. The ducks thought Bobby Bobolink was a little eccentric, because he connected with extremely unacceptable kinds of animals. His pleasure was inviting offensive sorts such as yucky field mice, the slowest turtles, and even slimy frogs to his home. It was offensive to the pompous and arrogant ducks to associate with such worthless creatures. These prideful ducks thought of them as dumb, unsophisticated, and ugly beasts compared to their own perceived good manners and beauty.


Author Bio: 

Marketing expert and travel consultant, Charissa Tinsley, has always been an avid reader. Deciding to embark on a new journey, writing seemed to be the perfect start. “Bobby the Bobolink Helps To Rescue His Proud Friend” is the first book in the “Shared Values Collection.”

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