Thursday, November 6, 2014

99 cent sale! 'South Africa's Forgotten Revival' by Olea Nel

Book Summary

Although the Great Awakening at the in 1860/61 was as powerful as its precursors in , and , its story has, for the most part, been forgotten. Olea Nel has succeeded in filling a much needed gap in the literature by describing the events through the lives of Andrew Murray, Nicolaas Hofmeyr and Gottlieb van der Lingen. As the story unfolds, you will learn how the Holy Spirit moved like a wave through the Cape Colony, visiting most of its towns. Virtually overnight those who were renewed or converted became people of prayer and mission enthusiasts.

Peer Reviews
Dr. Robert Vosloo,
Senior lecturer in Systematic Theology and Church History
Faculty of Theology, Stellenbosch University.

I enjoyed reading this book. It is well-written and keeps the reader's interest throughout. In my view, it will appeal to a wide audience, especially those interested in revival, prayer and missions. While the book is written in a popular style, it gives evidence of good research and a responsible engagement with the sources. I found the book very interesting and learnt a lot from Olea Nel’s research. I am sure that others will have a similar experience.

Dr. Michael Cassidy
African Enterprise International 
It is my privilege to commend Olea Nel’s volume South Africa’s Forgotten Revival: The Story of the Cape’s Great Awakening in 1860. This well researched volume not only brings a historical message of interest for both academics and the ordinary person in the pew, but also bears within its pages a very strong message of spiritual challenge relating to what God can do when His Spirit is allowed to move freely in reviving power amongst His people.

Dr. Peter Hammond
Director of Frontline Fellowship.
Chairman of The Reformation Society, Cape Town

Dr. Olea Nel has done the church a tremendous service by producing this vital book: South Africa’s Forgotten Revival: The Story of the Cape’s Great Awakening in 1860. We desperately need revival today, and this dynamic book is both an inspiration and a practical help by exploring the people, the doctrines and the events that God used in such a powerful way back in the Cape of Good Hope in the 19th century.

Author Biography

Dr. Olea Nel was born in Cape Town, South Africa. After completing her training as a teacher in Andrew Murray’s heartland of Wellington, she relocated to Australia to further her studies. Besides attaining a PhD in Linguistics, she also has qualifications in Information Studies and Theology. Having now retired from her position as a senior librarian at the National Library of Australia, she is able to pursue her passion for research, especially within the fields of church history and biography. Her aim is to share her findings with fellow Christians.

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