Monday, February 9, 2015

'Seeking Human Kindness (Reading Harbor) (Volume 1)'

"Seeking Human Kindness" is a heart-warming collection of 50 inspirational, real life adventures. Each unique story illustrates an powerful example of how one good turn can lead to thousand fold return. The charming book spreads a wonderful message that any one has the power to make a difference.

Each account is told by a different author with a personal life experience to share. Some relate life altering experiences, when one small act actually saved the life of another. Others recall simple gestures, which in the grand scheme of things ended up making all the difference. Even tiny deeds can have a mighty impact on making the world a better and more livable place.

Authors were carefully chosen, based on those who had compelling stories to tell. They hail from multiple countries, diverse backgrounds, education, skillsets, life journeys, etc. They come together in this compilation to share their experiences in dealing with the life altering after effects of human kindness.

Our Featured Stories:
Title and Country of Origin Listed.

  1. A Hero's Heart - Serbia
  2. A Little Bit of Help - Philippines
  3. A Priceless Burger - Philippines
  4. A Seemingly Insignificant Act - UK
  5. A Simple Gesture -North Carolina, USA
  6. A Simple Meal- Jamaica
  7. A Special Watch -Georgia, USA
  8. Broken Leg vs. the Curb -Florida, USA
  9. Car Ride -Massachusetts, USA
  10. Chasing Down Kindness- Washington DC, USA
  11. Compliments if Needed - Washington DC, USA
  12. Corporal Punishment -India
  13. Eleanor - UK
  14. Emergency Call -Oregon, USA
  15. Fallen Angel - UK
  16. Far from Home - France
  17. Farewell Lullaby - California, USA
  18. Fatherhood - Oregon, USA
  19. First Night in Bangkok - UK
  20. Heroes in an Unlikely Place - New York, USA
  21. Homeless Kindness -Serbia
  22. How a Puppy Taught Me to Live - Bosnia & Herzegovina
  23. How My Daddy Taught Me How to be Kind - West Virginia, USA
  24. Jadika's Plight -Kenya
  25. Lessons Learnt - India
  26. Lost in Peru - Pennsylvania, USA
  27. Meeting God's Own Child -India
  28. No Ice Cream For Dad - Texas, USA
  29. The Old Lady & the Orange - Philippines
  30. One Golden Sun -California, USA
  31. Pay it Forward - Canada
  32. Pink & Polka Dotted - Utah, USA
  33. Sent from Heaven - India
  34. Simple Encouragement -Wisconsin, USA
  35. Singing for My Fare - Pennsylvania, USA
  36. Special Delivery - New York, USA
  37. Strangers in a New City - New York, USA
  38. Super Mario -Bulgaria
  39. The Deadline - India
  40. The Effects of Helping Out - Guyana
  41. The Gift - India
  42. The Good Deed Game - Michigan, USA
  43. The Happy Meal -Pakistan
  44. The Seven Fifty to Marble Arch-Spain
  45. The Unexpected Surprise - Mexico
  46. There's a God in Each One of Us - India
  47. Washing Clothes Story -China
  48. What is Treasured on the Earth - Armenia
  49. What Kindness Is - Taiwan
  50. Yissus' Smile - Ethiopia
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  1. I love this book! I bought it for my friends and family this Christmas. ^.^