Monday, August 10, 2015

#KindleCountdown 'Amish Seasons of Love (Short Story Collection)' by Cassie Belden


Grab the entire bestselling Amish romance short story collection Amish Seasons of Love series for one low price.

Love flourishes, seasons change, but God's love shines without end. These stories each feature a beautiful romance during a different season of the year along with a distinct phase in life. From young and promising love in the spring to purposeful and renewed love found later in life during the winter, these Amish love stories will surely touch your heart.

Spring Love Blossoms 

Samuel, an Amish horse trainer, has a way with horses. But even Hurricane, a precarious horse, is giving him trouble – he loves to jump fences. Samuel soon realizes why jumping a fence isn’t such a crazy idea after all. Samuel’s neighbor, Marianna is drawn immediately to Samuel’s charm and dedication with horses. But her older sister, Sarah, also has her eye set on Samuel.

Summer Love Blooms 

An Amish widow, Tammy Lapp, is still grieving the loss of her late husband when she meets a Good Samaritan, Robert Smucker, who comes to her rescue when her buggy breaks down. Just when things couldn’t get any worse, they do, but Robert remains committed to helping Tammy and her family through their ordeal. Throughout it all, a bond forms between the two. But Tammy may not be ready to move on and let go.

Autumn Love Abounds 

Leah and her twin sister Rachel are mourning the loss of their father Moses. Aaron, an Amish dairy farmer from Wisconsin, accompanies his grandmother to a funeral in the small town of Harmony, Minnesota. Leah is drawn immediately to Aaron's quiet and unassuming demeanor but she made a pact with her sister ten years ago that she vows to never break.

Winter Love Glistens 

Eva, an Amish grandmother has eight children, fifty grandchildren, and countless great grandchildren. Yet she feels lonely and ponders what her purpose is in life. When a funeral brings her to the quaint town of Harmony, Minnesota, she meets Bishop Joseph Hostetler and an unexpected connection develops.


Cassie Belden lives near the twin cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota with her husband and beloved pets. Though raised in the city, she now lives in the country where she feels more connected to God's creation and the natural beauty of the land in every season.

As a Christian, she respects the Amish people's commitment to their faith and community and admires their ability to be self-sustaining. After visiting the town of Harmony and its surrounding areas in southern Minnesota, Cassie was inspired to write about these humble and tenacious people, and she was able to incorporate some true stories into her books.

Harmony, Minnesota is the largest Amish settlement in the state, and what a perfect name for a town filled with people who demonstrate what it means to live in harmony with others.

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