Wednesday, September 16, 2015

'Life's Rhythms' by Terry Atkinson


Romance of the sweet, old-fashioned kind woven into a story of loss and love and new life - and an ending that leaves you wondering.

A comforting read for anyone who has lost a loved one.

Rave review!
"The ending is simple and almost poetic: a tender, fulfilling read." ~ Reviewed by the author of The Children's Story, About Good and Evil.

About the author:

Terry lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. with her husband of 21 years, Dave. Terry has traveled broadly and studied or worked in Canada, the USA, England and Australia and draws from her different experiences for her short stories. But anyone who has ever lived in or visited South Africa will feel some poignant emotions when reading her stories set in that country.

Terry has been a writer for many years and has sold hundreds of her short stories in paperback format. As a result of reading these gems, many people have managed to enhance their lives and change their lives for the better, just by the change in viewpoint that naturally occurs as a result of reading these books.

Terry loves to write and writes to help people. She writes her short stories to serve as light reading with workable messages to help people find happiness and to achieve their dreams. Her characters are often faced with life choices very pertinent and typical of today's challenges. They don't always take the easy route out, but long-lasting happiness and success are always the goals. The reader is given a fresh look at how to withstand the pressures of modern-day life, and how to stand firm vs just being a sheep bleating with the crowd. You can dare to stand up for your own viewpoint and opinions if they are true for you and not harmful to others in the bigger picture.

With these short stories you get a good read and can also take the messages from the books and apply them in your own way towards achieving a happier life and fulfilling your goals. Because of the reachout provided by kindle format to the planet of readers who are seeking to improve their lives, Terry is excited about now having this opportunity via Amazon to get her books to readers far and wide.

If you want some fresh ideas to keep you going in this weather-worn planet, ideas which will help you out of this or that situation and help you to aim for your goals again - whether they be financial, romantic or just to have a decent and happy life, these books will definitely take you part of the way there. The rest is up to you to seek your own solutions via your own personal avenues, as so clearly comes through in Terry's writings.

Terry supports The Way to Happiness Foundation.

To contact Terry about her writings, you can email her at

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