Monday, June 17, 2013

'Psalms of Healing: Hope for Cancer' by Tina King

Tina King watched as her mother—the person who filled her life with words of peace, hope, faith, and courage—struggled to hold on to her own faith. Tina’s mother had always lived by the prayers of King David, prayers that gave her peace and courage after she was diagnosed with third-stage breast cancer. This amazing woman held on to hope, went through 16 rounds of chemotherapy, and was preparing to walk her first 5k to benefit breast cancer. God had given her the strength and the will to live. Four months into her recovery, Tina’s mother was devastated to learn that the cancer had returned—this time in her bones. Tina’s mom was now fighting a new battle, and not just a battle for her life. She had lost her faith in God. As her child, Tina had to do whatever she could to get her mother to believe again, to regain the peace and solace of her faith on this new journey. “I took those words of King David and read them as if they were being lifted off the pages right into my mother’s soul.” Psalms of Healing is a collection of modernized verse written specifically for the cancer community—or anyone who is facing an overwhelming battle. These words provide faith, hope, and peace for the most challenging times.

~~Available in paperback or ebook~~
Tina King is an actress, motivational speaker, and healthcare professional. She has worked extensively with the oncology department at one of Los Angeles prominent medical center. She volunteers her time, encouraging cancer victims with her modernized version of the Psalms.

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