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'The Message' by Lance Richardson


Find out why this faith-promoting and inspirational book has over 500 5-star reviews! On Christmas Day, Lance Richardson was involved in an accident which later left him in a comatose state for several weeks. While his body was being kept alive by medical support equipment, his spirit passed into the world beyond. In "The Message," Lance describes his experience in the world of spirits and delivers to us a message giving a greater understanding of the importance of families and the future of America. He was also taught concerning a most important principle of their society of peace, which, if followed by the people of this great nation, would rescue us from self-destruction.

Read an excerpt:
A Most Glorious Abode

As I stepped forward I pushed outward in the darkness and brushed against something. It felt much like a thin veil or curtain. As I parted the substance, an intense light filled with warmth and love fell upon me and beckoned me forward. It was a brilliant light that immediately dispersed all the darkness about me. It was soothing and satisfying. It carried a peace that I wanted to embrace. Deep inside me it felt somehow familiar; a feeling from deep within that was sweet to my soul. I stepped forward into the light.

Though as yet I had not come to a realization of where I was, I instantly perceived I was entering into a most magnificent dimension or sphere which far surpassed the beauty of any place I had ever visited. The peace was consuming and the beauty transcending.

“Where am I?” I thought to myself. “What has happened to me? Wasn’t I just fighting for my very…life!” An awareness of my true location was suddenly permeating my mind. I suddenly felt anxious, not knowing what I might see or what might happen.

Immediately in front of me stretched a lush lawn of emerald hue, yet mixed with a combination of sky-blue. I had never seen such a vibrant, brilliant color. Trees could be seen in numerous places around the landscape. They, too, were much more impressive than anything I had ever seen. Leaves and sprigs carried varieties of color such as crimson, gold, blazing yellows of fire, shades of green and blue, and deep blood-red. One stem may have numerous flowers of different variety and color. These flowers and shrubbery cast soft and deep tones of warmth and splendor, as if mixed by a master painter. I was enthralled with the beauty which encompassed me.

Before me, scattered around the lawn and trees, were numerous people grouped in small clusters, some sitting together under trees reading and having discussions, others grouped in intent discourse or thought.

Suddenly I felt someone approaching me from behind. I turned to behold the faces of some of my closest relatives. In the front of the group was my cousin, Randy McMillan, who had died nearly 20 years earlier, from leukemia. He looked great! He had been a state champion wrestler in high school, and had continued his wrestling career in college. He had been full of life and ready to take on the world when he contracted this deadly disease and died. His stature now, however, was every bit as powerful as I had ever remembered him appearing, definitely not the sickly young man that I had known at his death. And his keen sense of humor appeared to be every bit intact. He stepped toward me and greeted me with a warm embrace.

“Lance, it’s so good to see you! We’ve been looking forward to your arrival!” Randy’s words caught me by surprise. They had known I was coming.

“It’s wonderful to see you, as well. But your words confuse me. If you knew I was coming, then am I really…permanently…dead?” I asked, not certain that I wanted to have my life completed.

“We’ll talk about that later. These other family members want to get re-acquainted with you, too,” he said, pointing to the others standing in the group with us.

One by one they stepped forward toward me and introduced themselves. There was my Dad’s father, Grandpa Mark Richardson, and his wife, Grandma Mary Richardson, Uncle Howard (Randy’s father), Great Grandpa Charles Edmund Richardson, and several others.

I had not seen my Grandpa Mark since I was about three years old. All I remembered of him was an old, sickly, haggard man. He had been very ill before his death. But here he was now before me, a very good-looking young man. He looked to be about 25-30 years of age, what many would consider to be one’s prime. Though he looked so different I still recognized him immediately.

“Oh, Grandpa, it is so good to see you.”

“It’s great to see you, Lance. We’ve been anxiously awaiting your visit.” He stepped back and took a long look at me. “You look good! I can see your Dad’s characteristics in you. I’ve enjoyed helping you and your family so much over the past years.”

I appreciated his assessment. But his final sentence caught my interest. “What do you mean by that, Grandpa? How have you helped us?”

“Oh, Lance, you’d be surprised how involved many of us are in your lives,” he responded. “It’s really quite exciting. We’ll show you more about how it works in awhile.”

Randy looked at me with a smile. “In most cases, Lance, when you pray to God for help, it is your dead relatives and loved ones who are sent by God to help you in answer to your prayers. Thus we weld links and bonds of love within the family forever. The family is the central and eternal unit of our society.” His words carried a powerful feeling of truth. It felt so right! Who would love you more, and desire to help you more, than your family and closest friends!

“And so, those relatives of yours who have lived righteous lives can be used as ministering servants, by God, to assist His children who are still in mortality. We serve you, and you serve us. It is the mode of Heaven.”

“That is so incredible,” I said. “It’s as if they are angels sent to help us.”

“Yes, it is.” Randy agreed.

Each of the words he had shared conveyed such meaning and clarity. I understood completely. And then it occurred to me. Randy had spoken these truths to me, but not with his mouth and audible voice. He had spoken to my mind. Until that moment, each of my relatives had spoken to me using their mouths. But not now. Randy’s last statements were made to me with his mind.

Instantly, I heard my Grandfather’s voice in my mind saying to me, “We do not need to speak with our mouths. We have done so to make this change somewhat easier for you. We can speak to you spirit to spirit. And by speaking spirit to spirit, we are able to communicate much more completely. Thus, you are now experiencing my message to you with multiple senses, not only with your ears.”

It was true. I had not only heard his words with my spirit and in my mind, but I had experienced them in a most wonderful way. It seemed as if I had absorbed these words. And at the same time as the words came into my mind, I saw a picture of what he was telling me. I felt the emotions he desired to communicate to me, as well. I understood on a higher level than I ever had before.

“Wow! This is amazing!” I said, using my mouth to speak back to them. “Can I speak to you in that manner, as well?”

“You did before this life. When you lived as a spirit before you were born into mortality, you had many talents and capabilities that you have now forgotten. In time, these will come back to your memory. For the moment, though, don’t worry about it,” Randy explained.

From that time on they alternated in speaking via mouth and by spirit. I could see that often they would do things in a manner to make me feel more comfortable with my new surroundings. I appreciated their efforts, but was also deeply interested in seeing how their world operated and functioned. The communication process was one of the most impressive to me. Throughout the remainder of my experience in their realm I would see, hear, feel, and internalize the messages given to me when communicated spirit to spirit.

As I looked around me, the beauty seemed almost indescribable. “Oh, how I would love to have my family see all of this with me,” I thought. Yes, they were still very present in my mind. In fact, at that moment, my heart ached to reunite with them. I was still not certain whether or not I had ended my life for good. Something inside me told me that it was not over, though logic concluded otherwise. Yet, with friends and relatives whom I loved so much present to greet me, I closed my eyes and basked for a second in the incredible peace that permeated every fibre of my being. It felt as if I were being wrapped in the arms of my mother. No, it was even more than that. It was if I were in the arms of my…maker. “That is it!” I suddenly recognized. “That is why it feels so familiar.”

At that moment, I was once again wrapped in the love of my God; yet the feelings inside me spoke that He was more than that. The spirit inside me gave me understanding beyond all that I had ever known. God indeed was my Father. I was his son. He was my Heavenly Father. He was my Creator, and more than that. He loved me as much as I love each of my children, but even more perfectly. I knew it and comprehended it completely at that moment. I felt the truth surge through my spirit just as blood courses through a mortal’s veins.

I thought back to that moment only hours earlier when I had looked into the eyes of my son and felt an intensity of love beyond any love I had felt. It was this kind of love my God, my Father, had for me.

Then my memory went further. The whole plan of life was a pattern of our former life in heaven. I had heavenly parents. There was indeed a Father, and most certainly a Mother, in heaven who loved me.

I remembered them at that moment. It was sacred. The love was so consuming, I felt I would never want to leave. And though I had not known it was possible until that moment, I cried. Yes, I was home again.

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Lance Richardson served as President of the American Family Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to "Rebuilding America Through Strengthening the Family".

For many years Lance was a co-host of the nationally and regionally syndicated radio talk show, "Probing America". He spoke extensively across the country in seminars and conferences on topics dealing with family issues, emergency preparedness,liberty in America, "Getting Involved", and Service.

Richardson is the co-author of "Zion - Seeking The City of Enoch", "Zion - The Long Road to Sanctification", "Masquerading As Angels" as well as author of "Knotted Gold" and "The Message".

Lance passed away in 2004, from complications of Crohn's disease.

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