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'52 Prescriptions for Happiness: A Year of Inspiration for the Body, Mind, and Soul' by Mali Apple & Joe Dunn


Each “prescription” in this book is a week's worth of fun and intriguing ideas to energize your body, expand your mind, and nurture your soul. You'll discover:
• how to instantly tap into your inner wisdom and connect to your source of personal power
• the “Magic Door” that propels you from self-doubt to self-confidence
• one-minute meditations to relieve stress, strengthen the immune system, and speed healing
• easy ways to release regret, resentment, and guilt
• effective techniques for letting go of negative thought patterns and finding peace in stressful situations
• simple ways to increase your self-love and open up to your full potential
• powerful tools for activating intuition and creativity
Featuring the breathtaking imagery of 52 visionary artists, whose artwork is intentionally created to uplift and inspire you.

Read an excerpt:
Go Through the Magic Door: The Ultimate Cure for a Bad Hair Day

On your way out of the house in the morning, you take one last glance in the mirror—and suddenly nothing seems right. Your hair isn’t behaving, your pants don’t fit right, your shirt is wrinkled, your shoes are worn. You’re not happy with the way you look, but it’s time to go.

If you’ve ever experienced this, you’ll want to know about the Magic Door. By passing through the Magic Door, you choose to be exactly who you are right now and to fully accept yourself as such. In essence, you “own” whoever you are at this moment: whatever you’re wearing, whatever flaws or wrinkles you might have, whatever your clothing and hair looks like today, even all of the choices you’ve made up to this point. The Magic Door is your reminder that it’s totally okay to be you out in the world, exactly as you are right now.

So when you step out your front door for the day, make it a Magic Door. Whatever is going on for you, decide to own it. Once you go through that door, there will be no more questioning whether you’re wearing the right outfit; no more putting yourself down because of the lines on your face or what you have or haven’t done. Step through that door and fully take on the feeling of being as beautiful, as sexy, as comfortable, as confident, or as poised as you’d like.

Whenever you feel yourself sinking into self-doubt during the day, make the next door you go through a Magic Door—whether it’s a car door or the entrance to a restaurant. You can even mentally create an archway on the sidewalk if you’re walking along and that self-deprecating voice starts up.

The Magic Door instantly propels you from self-doubt into self-confidence. Rather than changing your clothes, you change your self-perception. Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you wear: it’s your feeling about yourself that makes all the difference.

**My thoughts**

It takes a long time to make positive changes in your life. You have to work hard at it, one small step at a time. The advantage of this book is that you make one positive affirmation a week, slowly retraining your brain over those seven days to think about yourself differently. You can work on changing yourself, both physically and emotionally, by following each of these "prescriptions." In addition to each explanation and suggestion for how to implement the lifestyle change is a gorgeous picture that exemplifies the idea for the week. If you are reading on a black and white Kindle, you will definitely be missing out! I read my copy on a Kindle Fire HD, and have to tell you that they are just stunning. 

I also think that the book can be used in a way that best fits what you need for that week. You don't necessarily have to follow the 52 prescriptions perfectly in order. Some of these could even be altered to be used with children, or you could turn this into a family experience.

Download the first four prescriptions for free by clicking here!


Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are relationship coaches, lovers, and best friends. Their bestselling book The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships, which won a 2012 International Book Awards gold medal and a 2012 Living Now Awards silver medal, has been called “a relationship guide masterpiece” and “a catalyst for transformation in life, relationships, and self.” The sequel, The Soulmate Lover, will be published in fall 2014.

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