Monday, June 13, 2016

Craft Your Own Life Story by Mathews George

Craft Your Own Life Story

Most of us drift aimlessly in our life journey, without any passion, joy or purpose. Many hate their jobs but stay on for long knowing well that they want to do something different. Many of us live our lives to please the expectations of others. We settle for much less than we deserve.

Craft Your Own Life Story is a story of the journey of life characterized by exploring oneself to discover new aspects and realizing their true potential to lead an amazing life. The basic understanding of the purpose of life, as explained in the book, will give the readers an inspiring perspective of life. The pursuit of a wonderful life will seem within the bounds of anyone who desires to lead a life of their own choice.

This book includes the story of five unique characters and each chapter follows these people on a journey where each discovers their own purpose in life. The readers may relate some of the characteristics and choices to their own and rejoice at discovering new aspects of their lives. The self-assessments, exercises and tools included in this book can lead to powerful revelations about oneself.

This book also helps draft plans to overcome challenges, garner resources and make choices to ultimately lead to the life they envisioned.

About Mathews George

Mathews George is an experienced life skills trainer, certified transformational empowerment coach and an NLP practitioner. He lives in Chennai, India. His passion for working with people to empower them and help them transform their lives has led him to create Gyanadeepam Centre for Empowerment, a social enterprise committed to fostering a power in people to make a difference not only in their own lives but also in their communities and the society at large. Mathews draws on his rich experience of working with young people, in transforming their lives, by applying unique empowerment strategies.

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