Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Faith Full Retirement (The Woman's Guide to Finding Joy in Her Later Years) by Jan Elliott

Faith Full Retirement

If you are a woman between 45 and 65 and struggle with planning for retirement and fear you may not make or be making the best choices, you have come to the right place. Once you discover how to analyze what's working and what's not working, you will be able to implement the tools need to put into action to find true joy in your later years.

"Be happy, for your life is a gift ... You make it beautiful at any age."
Jan Elliott

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About Jan Elliot:

Jan Elliott achieved her childhood dream: to become a teacher of Home Economics Education. But that was just the beginning…

It all started at age 10 when she joined her first 4-H club in Altamont, IL and became interested in baking, flower arrangements, sewing and interior projects. After several blue ribbons she was hooked on all sorts of home-making projects. A few years later, as other girls were choosing simple home economics projects, she decided to redecorate her whole bedroom - a project that was met with great accolades from her teachers and peers.

Jan was always ready to take on a new project, try something that hadn’t been done before and help others along the way. Her love for hearth, home, health (and about a dozen other things), lead her to Southern Illinois University where she completed a four year degree in Home Economics Education.

From the get-go in her adult life, Jan noticed something unique about many of the women she met. While they were clearly talented and highly intelligent, they lacked confidence, were not willing to take action and were afraid to follow their dreams. They had all the right stuff but lacked the motivation and guidance to build their best lives.

Transforming this observation into action, Jan found she had a unique gift for supporting women through weight loss, becoming healthier, looking their best and achieving more in their personal and professional lives.

Her most celebrated career was working with women’s groups presenting various topics on professionalism, communication skills, interviewing and management skills, organization, time management, life balance and financial fitness for women where she trained and worked with thousands of women all across the US, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

After retiring from her speaking business, to care for an aging parent, she continued working with women in interior re-designing. After several more years, her husband retired and she found herself giving up the house, city, friends and life she loved to move south to an area she swore she would never live.

As a born again Christian she then discovered her gift of teaching and presenting went even deeper. For over ten years, she has cultivated Bible Study Fellowship as a Group Discussion Leader for women’s bible studies.

With much experience in many different areas and walks of life Jan brings to women everywhere her continued support and exceptional knowledge now, as it applies to their golden years. She has felt called to write the book Faith Full Retirement to help women find joy in all they do in their later years.

Jan currently teaches workshops, seminars and keynotes in the area of Faith Full Retirement in her hometown, Leland NC, which is just across the bridge from the beautiful historic city of Wilmington. She lives there with her husband of 48 years, and together they frequently travel to Pittsburgh, PA to visit their three grandbabies.

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