Thursday, June 9, 2016

When Angels Die (Life After Rape) by Caroline de Chavigny

When Angels Die

July, 1993, a young, single mother became the target of a sadistic rapist. Her world was instantly turned upside down as she was viciously assaulted and left for dead in front of her young children. This story takes you from a broken, shattered life and details how she was able to rebuild her world, while dealing with nightmares and flashbacks, mind-numbing fear, pain, the burning, boiling anger and an intense hatred. This book portrays living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, attempted suicides, and finally, the steps taken and the therapy that saved an entire family. When Angels Die was originally written as a form of self-help therapy. And now, it is dedicated to those who need help and guidance in making the emotional transition from being a Crime Victim to being a Survivor. The time is now to let go of your fears and to regain control of your lives.

About Caroline de Chavigny

Caroline de Chavigny’s desire for helping others was the catharsis which led her to pen her non-fiction books, which includes the 3-time award winning memoir, When Angels Die. This chronicles the painful journey towards healing - from being a crime/rape victim to a strong survivor. Writing can heal many wounds, as was proven with her next non-fiction book, Letter to a Monster. Monster is a powerful collection of 53 letters written by survivors and addressed directly to their abuser/monster. For a bit of comedic relief in between writing these two emotionally difficult books, Red Wine & Alibis was born – a very tongue-in-cheek, who-done-it kind of naughty chick book that will guarantee to make you laugh out loud.

Caroline’s children’s books from her series, The Bear Brothers, are written as a tool to help children understand life and all its challenges. While A Sparrow’s Sad Song explains the meaning of death to young children, Merry Birthday shows that commercialism should not be a factor with the real reason for the season. Doofus Dan & His Dweebs helps kids to have a strong sense of self and to never fall prey to false friendships.

Regardless of the genre in which Caroline de Chavigny is led to write, her style of writing comes straight from the heart and her books are sure to bring thought-provoking inspiration to all. Through SoundCloud, Caroline hosts a weekly radio show and interviews fellow Texas authors, for more information on this, visit She is an active speaker for RAINN. Follow Caroline on Twitter @cdechavigny or visit her author webpage at

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