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'I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?' by Darryl Bumpass, Sr

Inspiring a generation with hard-won life lessons that equal a life well-lived Darryl Bumpass, Sr., CEO of Moneta Menswear and Bump One Clothing, announces the launch of his new book entitled, “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?”. The motivational public speaker and certified life coach writes in a most approachable manner about what it takes to enjoy the process of self-mastery. Inspirational by all means the self-help book is a quick read poised to change the reader forever if taken with the highest regard. Dedicated to bolstering how people view the pursuit of their dreams Bumpass is a veritable author, teacher and new-found friend to all who spends a few moments with his resourceful words.

“I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening?” will help readers evaluate “where they are on their journey” and thereby “examine the best way to complete the trip” as the book so aptly states. Subtly sharing with the reader at every hand that indeed they are greater than they think they are the book leaves one with the impression that all limits are self-imposed. This just happens to be the good news. Worthily Bumpass states, “The problem in life isn’t receiving answers. The problem is identifying your questions.”

Beginning with the story of how he, with no education in the fashion industry and not so much as one job in clothing sales, turned a dream into two highly successful clothing companies Bumpass gives his reader a leg up with a backstory of perseverance and consistency born of one imperative, tenacity. Identifying the common issue of standing in one’s own way the author and CEO highlights practical steps toward achieving worthy goals. He states in the book, “Lack of time, lack of confidence, or lack of ability can never be excuses for standing still.”

Suggesting that readers should challenge themselves to try new experiences and take up new hobbies that prepare them for new goals Bumpass encourages his readers to force themselves to grow. The motivational author says, “Nothing worthwhile comes without hard work. We don’t have to know everything or have every piece of the puzzle in place before we start chasing a dream.” He states that the dream has to start and end with one’s development as a person, “, experience-wise and education-wise.” Having his own biggest lifetime goal, the maintenance of peace of mind, Bumpass says it’s a gift not without adversity. Adversity he puts his whole weight into as iron sharpens iron.

Read an excerpt:

The problem in life isn’t receiving answers. The problem is identifying your questions.

I could have listened to that nonsense, but instead I listened to my intuition and my spirit. After all the “no’s” I had heard on that long day, and so many other days, I decided to try one more store on Gramatan Avenue in Mount Vernon. To my surprise, the owner checked out my original designs and said five words I’ll never forget: “We’ll take everything you have.”

Before I knew it, my t-shirts were in multiple stores, being seen on TV and worn by celebrities. This was my confirmation of the difference between hearing and listening. What I heard that day, before I drove out to Mount Vernon, was the voice of doubt. Discouragement. Disbelief. Who did I think I was to believe I could jump out into a huge city, in a big competitive field, and make my mark when I didn’t even have any experience? I heard all sorts of questions like that in my own mind, but what I listened to was the other voice. It said, “You can do it. Don’t give up.” That one last effort – after I sat in my car thinking about surrendering it all to the Dream Snatchers – is what turned everything around.

The problem in life isn’t finding answers. The problem is identifying your questions. Mine were: Are you ready to quit? Have you given this your all? Once you get the questions right, the answers will always come. You might feel some intuition about what should happen next. Listen to it! The next step is that you be watchful and alert. Sooner or later, what seem like “coincidences” will move you in the direction indicated by your intuition. This is The Celestine Prophecy.

Then we have to watch and wait for the answers.
Isn’t it funny how many of us get down on our knees to pray, and then we just get right up, instead of staying there for a minute to listen? They say patience is a virtue. I know I have to be patient with myself, to recognize the differences between what I’m hearing about my life’s directions and what I’m actually listening to – what I’m processing. I have to be patient enough to learn and understand the best ways to pursue my dreams and visions. I have to remember, whenever I’m confused, doubtful, or discouraged that, before I can fnd the answers, I have to ask myself: What are my questions?
Have you asked yourself any questions today?

But finding my way to the next level presented new obstacles. Where would I get the resources? Courage and determination got me in the doors of retail shops around New York. I had scored a victory, but my journey was far from complete.

We cross the first hurdle or two, but can’t figure out how to get to the finish line. At times like this, we have to get out of our own way. What I mean by that is, too often, we don’t know what the next move should be, so we stand still. Think about that goal to start a new business or program you’ve had in mind, but you’ve been putting off because you just didn’t know how to do it. The longer you put it off, the more you’re at risk of falling into one of the traps of the Dream Snatchers.

Imagine a person who is your identical twin, from head to toe; same height, same weight, same body structure. If you’re standing still, instead of making a move – any move – toward your goal, it’s the same as having this identical twin block your path, no matter which way you go: If it’s right, left, or side to side, your body double stays in front of you.
Get out of your own way!

Start small. Maybe your goal is to travel across the country, but you’ve never even left your house. Your first challenge should be crossing the street. Cross the street every day for a week until you get used to it. Look back at your house every time and see how far you’ve gone. Spend the next week walking around the block; and the week after that riding through the city on a bus or in a cab. You get the idea. Lack of time, lack of confidence, or lack of ability can never be excuses for standing still.

There isn’t always a degree or training program that prepares you for everything you need to know. You will constantly learn and grow from the insights and seeds planted in you by other successful, positive mentors.

If I had stood in my own way because I didn’t know what to do next, I might never have looked outside New York. But just by asking someone for help, I left my “house” and crossed the street to significant growth.

An important thing to do, now and then, is challenging ourselves. Sometimes, just forcing ourselves to try a new experience or take up a hobby opens doors that help lead us to success.

Albert Einstein said, “A person starts to live when he can live outside himself.” Force yourself to grow!

Write down your new set goals. Remember, just like in court, if it’s not on paper it doesn’t matter. You might not reach the goals on your list in the same order that you wrote them, but trust me, they will happen if you get out of your own way. They will happen if you make the effort.

Your season to win starts now. Don’t be afraid. Go get it!

We don’t have to know everything or have every piece of the puzzle in place before we start chasing a dream. Sometimes others have been put in our lives to do work we can’t do on our own, or to pass along the encouragement we need at key moments. I understand that chasing goals can be hard, but nothing worthwhile comes without hard work. In the words of actress Mae West, “I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it.”

We can’t let ourselves get confused between neglecting goals and taking those rare opportunities to advance or expand our life’s experience. Sometimes there’s such a thing as being too focused, but this is another trick of Mr. & Mrs. Distraction. We should never have tunnel vision to the point that we ignore things just because they don’t fit our agenda, when these things could benefit ourselves or others. Selfishness limits success.

New experiences help prepare us for new goals.

Just remember that no person or thing should be allowed to distract you from doing what you consider important. You are the beginning and the end of your dream.

Giving you a break, “Do Me Day” helps you become more alert to the distractions around you.

I’m now aware of the bad energy that tries to enter my life because D.M.D. helped me to step away from it. I’m able to see things from a little more distance, and that helps me to decide when I need to stay on a particular course or change my direction, whether personally or professionally.

Emotional decision-making has to be replaced with business decision-making. If it doesn’t make dollars, it doesn’t make sense. Even when it’s not a money issue that you’re addressing, put a value on it: How does it impact your ability to reach your goal? Does it add to your ability to move ahead, or does it take away from that ability? Does it create a positive result, or does it waste time and energy? And what are you willing to sacrifice? Put a value on everything that has the potential to push you forward or pull you back. Can you sacrifice some of the things you want to do, for the things you need to do?

Limit your access to people, places and things that don’t benefit your mind, your spirit or your bottom line.’’

Whatever financial freedoms I hadn’t experienced were self-imposed. In the same ways that we’re responsible for our own success, we’re responsible for making ourselves as secure as possible while pursuing it. At the same time, if you’re confident and sure of your gifts and skills, money will always find you.

The key to it all still points back to discipline. If discipline is a problem area for you, start holding yourself accountable.

Peace of mind is something that you have to court. I compare courting peace of mind to dating someone and saying to yourself, “This is the one!” You have to treat this idea of achieving inner peace like it’s the person of your dreams; like you’ll do almost anything to have it in your life, and almost anything to keep it, once it’s received.

To have the best for yourself, goal-wise, peace of mind is required, but to have peace of mind, you also have to fall in love with you. There’s no such thing as gaining peace when you think that any car, house, trip or relationship connection will bring it to you. It starts with God and with you.

The dream has to start and end with your development as a person – career-wise, experience- wise, and education-wise.

To receive truth, we must be willing to face frightening realities about ourselves that rebel against it, and this takes courage. Accepting truth into our lives means rolling up our sleeves and beginning the arduous task of changing what’s wrong in our thoughts, attitudes, and behavior, and this takes diligence. Through our own process of receiving truth, we resist the tendency to become critical and condemn others who are still in the truth-seeking process. This takes humility. While there are a lot of components to the long journey toward gaining and maintaining peace of mind, it helps us fight frustration, discouragement and other elements that interfere with reaching goals.

The biggest goal I’ve set for myself is maintaining peace of mind. It’s a gift, but not one that comes without adversity. When adversity threatens your peace of mind, treat it like a knife-sharpener that helps you develop your coping and life skills.

Love yourself enough that you don’t let anyone or anything else own real estate in your mind. In the meanwhile, give love to others freely, without expectation or conditions. Since love and peace go hand in hand, love will also attract peace of mind.

About Darryl Bumpass, Sr.:

Darryl Bumpass Sr. is the Owner and CEO of Moneta Menswear Collection and Bump One Clothing. A noted motivational speaker and executive producer on various projects Bumpass finds his joy in inspiring others to be greater than they think they can be. His most recent opportunity to change lives comes in the form of his newly released book, “I Know You Hear Me, But Are You Listening”.

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