Sunday, October 26, 2014

'Motherlode: Essays on Parenthood' Edited by Ashley Parker Owens


Every mother and father shares the same secret—parenthood isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Forget the movies and television shows that encourage unrealistic expectations of the super mom, the benevolent father, and their perfect kids. In reality, all parents struggle, and all kids challenge their parents. Parents need to know they are not alone.

Motherlode is a collection of essays examining eye-opening, poignant, brutally honest accounts of parenting. Essays on bittersweet empty nests, children lost to mental illness, and broken child-parent relationships all share one strong element in common. Despite the challenges of parenthood, the writers have a deep abiding love and appreciation for their children.

Writers include Rebecca T. Dickinson, Amanda Etcheto, Oren Hammerquist, Treg Isaacson, Ann V. Klotz, Andrea Lani, Julia Poole, Michael Schofield, Tamara Kaye Sellman, Rita Reynolds Setness, Stephanie Vanderslice, and others.

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