Sunday, October 19, 2014

'Notes on How to Get to Heaven' by Minister Rosalind D. Solomon


September 10, 2014 PROPHETESS ROSALIND D. SOLOMON, CEO OF PROPHETIC VOICE OF YAHWEH MINISTRY, HOSTS WEEKLY PODCAST ON BLOGTALKRADIO.COM Rosalind D. Solomon, Prophetess and CEO of Prophetic Voice of Yahweh Ministry, is now hosting a weekly podcast of Blogtalkradio. Solomon, who spends hours in prayer and praying for those who need help, is offering her visions and advice to the world, doing the Lord’s work via the internet. “Get ready now to triumph even in death,” says Solomon, whose subjects on the podcast range from Notes on How to Get to Heaven to Never Knowing How Soon Life Will End, Are You Prepared to Meet God? She teaches listeners how to become free from curses, past pain, and overcome obstacles through listening to the Word. “The Good News is that you can be ready to spend eternity in heaven no matter what happens in life,” Solomon declares. “Get ready now to triumph even in death.” Speaking to her listeners and followers in a way which the voice of Almighty resonates in unmistakable terms, Solomon says that anyone with a desire to receive the Word will benefit. Her work is intended for not just beginners, but also for those who are in positions of leadership in the Christ.

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