Monday, July 25, 2016

Beyond My Pain by Gladys Beri

Beyond My Pain

Are you living a life which isn’t at its full potential? 

I used to be stuck living a lie, pretending I was happy with a perfect family, career, luxury and social status. The truth was that I was miserable. Comfortably miserable, until I found the courage to break free from my limitations and unleash the greatness within me. 

Do you believe your life could be better? 

I found out who I am beyond my name and my purpose. I realized that it’s okay to embrace, love and accept myself for what makes me unique. 

The content of this book is inspired by emotional pain, and powered by passion for excellence through personal development. 

• I share with you 8 steps to rise beyond whatever negative life situation has kept you a slave to your history
• I challenge your thinking
• I inspire mind-set shifts from conventional beliefs that actually limit our potentials
• And I help you work towards improved models which will help you live a more conscious life with purpose, passion and fulfilment 

Are you open to embrace transformative ideas on how to create a new reality and impact the world positively? 

Yes, it is possible to rise beyond your pain, unlock your unlimited potential and live with joy in your heart. 

Never again compromise on you values just to fit in. If you are ready to experience such transformation, please read on. 

Remember, what defines you is how well you rise after a fall, not how many times you fell. The flip side of a big fall is unlimited success. So, until you win, don’t quit!!! 

Gladys Beri.

About Gladys Beri

Gladys Beri was born in Africa, in the small village of Mbiame, in Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. She first came to the United States of America in 2006 when she began working as a house keeper at the St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Since then she has had a varied and interesting working life, becoming a Nursing Assistant, Surgical Aide, and then an Occupational Therapy Practitioner. In addition to this Gladys has started her own business, turning her passion for working with flowers into an Events Designing Service, where she decorates weddings and other special events. 

Above all else Gladys is passionate about helping others to discover and bring out the greatness and awesomeness within them, and her book (Beyond My Pain) seeks to contribute to the world by sharing some transformative ideas with as wide an audience as possible.

When she isn’t hard at work Gladys loves to sing and is a regular in the African community at her local church, helping to coordinate the African Music they sing at mass.

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