Thursday, July 28, 2016

Grace's Forgiveness (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel) by Molly Jebber

Grace's Forgiveness

A handsome newcomer with secrets shows a yearning Amish woman a chance at happiness—but their love will need all their courage to keep . . .

Grace Blauch is skilled at midwifery—and crafting quilts that help others pass on messages of enduring family love. But a disfiguring birthmark keeps the young Amish woman from a husband and home of her own—until Mark King arrives from another community. His helpfulness and independent nature earn Grace’s respect. And he finds her outspoken ways and determination to do right irresistibly appealing. Soon Grace is planning a wedding quilt of her very own . . . until her father discovers that Mark’s shunned brother is hiding somewhere in town . . . 

Grace can well understand why Mark took such a risk once she hears his wrenching reasons. But she fears even prayer will not convince her father to restore his blessing on their union. She wills herself to face the end of her dreams, but sudden danger and an impossible act of generosity will show her that abiding hope can inspire the most precious of miracles . . .

About Molly Jebber

Molly Jebber enjoys writing stories about Amish history and their culture. She’s a Women’s Christian Connection motivational speaker and enjoys meeting new people. She was raised in a small town in the Midwest, and insists if you had blinked twice, you would've missed it. She loves God, her family and friends, sunshine, swimming and traveling to the Amish communities. Creating historical Amish characters and throwing them into difficult situations and joyous times has been challenging and fun for her. The greatest reward she’s experienced in becoming an author is meeting wonderful people from all over the world who've been encouraging and supportive.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Change of Heart (A Keepsake Pocket Quilt Novel) by Molly Jebber

Change of Heart

A modern new century brings a young Amish woman an unexpected new life—and a chance to discover love's true way home…

Ohio, 1899. Becca Yost lived by her Amish faith's strict rules until her fiancé jilted her. She's never been away from home, but the bustling town of Massillon, Ohio, is a welcome unexpected refuge. Especially when she goes to work for Dr. Matt Carrington and falls in love with him. But Matt's wealthy mother is determined her son will marry a society woman. With her newfound resolve challenged, Becca decides that she and Matt must not be destined for each other after all. She accepts that she will have to forge a life alone until a wrenching crisis and life-changing revelations teach her that true faith lies in all things, especially impossible second chances. . .

About Molly Jebber

Molly Jebber enjoys writing stories about Amish history and their culture. She’s a Women’s Christian Connection motivational speaker and enjoys meeting new people. She was raised in a small town in the Midwest, and insists if you had blinked twice, you would've missed it. She loves God, her family and friends, sunshine, swimming and traveling to the Amish communities. Creating historical Amish characters and throwing them into difficult situations and joyous times has been challenging and fun for her. The greatest reward she’s experienced in becoming an author is meeting wonderful people from all over the world who've been encouraging and supportive.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Beyond My Pain by Gladys Beri

Beyond My Pain

Are you living a life which isn’t at its full potential? 

I used to be stuck living a lie, pretending I was happy with a perfect family, career, luxury and social status. The truth was that I was miserable. Comfortably miserable, until I found the courage to break free from my limitations and unleash the greatness within me. 

Do you believe your life could be better? 

I found out who I am beyond my name and my purpose. I realized that it’s okay to embrace, love and accept myself for what makes me unique. 

The content of this book is inspired by emotional pain, and powered by passion for excellence through personal development. 

• I share with you 8 steps to rise beyond whatever negative life situation has kept you a slave to your history
• I challenge your thinking
• I inspire mind-set shifts from conventional beliefs that actually limit our potentials
• And I help you work towards improved models which will help you live a more conscious life with purpose, passion and fulfilment 

Are you open to embrace transformative ideas on how to create a new reality and impact the world positively? 

Yes, it is possible to rise beyond your pain, unlock your unlimited potential and live with joy in your heart. 

Never again compromise on you values just to fit in. If you are ready to experience such transformation, please read on. 

Remember, what defines you is how well you rise after a fall, not how many times you fell. The flip side of a big fall is unlimited success. So, until you win, don’t quit!!! 

Gladys Beri.

About Gladys Beri

Gladys Beri was born in Africa, in the small village of Mbiame, in Bui Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. She first came to the United States of America in 2006 when she began working as a house keeper at the St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee, Minnesota.

Since then she has had a varied and interesting working life, becoming a Nursing Assistant, Surgical Aide, and then an Occupational Therapy Practitioner. In addition to this Gladys has started her own business, turning her passion for working with flowers into an Events Designing Service, where she decorates weddings and other special events. 

Above all else Gladys is passionate about helping others to discover and bring out the greatness and awesomeness within them, and her book (Beyond My Pain) seeks to contribute to the world by sharing some transformative ideas with as wide an audience as possible.

When she isn’t hard at work Gladys loves to sing and is a regular in the African community at her local church, helping to coordinate the African Music they sing at mass.

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Gladys Beri - A Motivational Experience.

Pre-Order The Leadership Miracle by Peter M. Deeley, Jr.

From The Leadership Miracle:

If you want to lead, quell the tempest inside. People look to the North Star – not the wind – for guidance. Power lay in the still, small, calm and clear voice of God within you. Quietly, you will find your voice. 
It will be big enough. Loud, clanging gongs are for entertainment. Deep and quiet waters wash away the anxiety of the timid and scared. 
Be those waters. 
We need you. 
I pray that I am your John the Baptist.

Truth emerges. It always has and always will. Tempests and bluster have their day, but the grave silences them all. 
Stand for something that will endure past the frenetic moment. Music is not noise. A fortunate composition of notes, colors, or words lasts well past the artist. 
All our time is limited. 
Take the gift of this fleeting life and build something that will echo past your short life. The pain and suffering of those who came before may in fact live in your DNA. But the joy and love of your life can live in the DNA of those yet to come. 
Lead us all into the light. 
We need your voice. 
The time of fruitless anger must pass. 
The time of new mysteries and surprising love is coming. 
Is there is no one left to lead us? 
It must be you.

Pre-order your copy today!

About Peter M. Deeley

Peter M. Deeley believes it is time for The Leadership Miracle. He feels the public discourse needs to change. He believes the violence in the world is escalating to terrifying levels. This book to written to the Leaders we need now.

Father of 5. Fiance to the world's most beautiful woman. Bee Keeper chicken farmer. Writer and chess player.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Prison Blade: The Abduction of Abigail Averies by Niki Hebert McQuilling

Prison Blade

Sheldon Parish sheriff's office deputy Abigail Averies transports prisoners throughout the state of Louisiana. From the smallest offense to the most violent criminals, Abigail has seen and heard a lot in only two years of service. But nothing compares to the pain and torture she's lived through as the wife of Erik Benton. Life with a new name and new attitude, she finds happiness in Noir Belle, Louisiana, until one particular prisoner changes everything. Abigail once again finds herself back in the nightmare when her husband she escaped from years before disguises himself as a prisoner and abducts her. Nothing is as it seems as Abigail lives to survive day to day at the mercy of an evil man. Abigail fights endless days of mental, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of her captor until her saving grace arrives, giving her a reason to keep breathing and to keep living with the hopes of one day finding her freedom. This is Abigail's story of survival.

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About Niki Hebert McQuilling

I'm from South Louisiana. I've been in law enforcement for nearly 12 years. I love wine and chocolate while I read or write.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Intimacy With God: Companion's Journey by Phil Mitchell

My Intimacy With God: Companion's Journey

A journey of faith, this book is an essential companion for the spiritual journey. Phil Mitchell is a Christian, author, and musician. This book introduces the reader to some new music, interesting quotes, and true life stories.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

Building a Noble World by Shiv R. Jhawar

Building a Noble World

Perfect love or bliss – that’s what everyone is seeking. Nobody has ever found it by seeking, because it is inside you, not outside. When the seeking is no more, you realize who you really are. Seek, and you will miss. Don’t seek, and discover your blissful innermost, authentic being. Unless you discover/bloom - bear fruits and flowers - you have not lived a meaningful life, the splendor of life. This discovery is the foundation of all religions. The book, Building a Noble World, is your trustworthy guide in your life journey to reach inner bliss and contentment.

Despite scientific and technological developments, most people today experience mental tension, unhappiness, and worries instead of experiencing peace of mind. What's the use of riches if one's mind is not at peace?

By using the ideas presented in Building a Noble World by Shiv R. Jhawar, you can experience greater peace of mind and begin to live a meaningful life. Just as with a road map or a guide, one can save oneself a lot of trouble, time, and confusion, so also it is with this book.

If you ever wonder about these four basic questions: Who am I, really? Where do I come from? Where will I go to? Why am I here?, then this book will truly lead you in the right direction. In these times when national, racial, religious, and personal prejudices are causing unrest, conflicts, and violence everywhere, Building a Noble World imparts right understanding and promotes universal love.

Visit the blog and watch inspirational videos at

About Shiv R. Jhawar

Shiv R. Jhawar is the author of Building a Noble World and founder of Noble World Foundation (NWF). NWF is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, non-profit organization, providing education and inspiration to people to build a noble world.

Jhawar was born in India. He received a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree in 1968, securing 7th rank in the Merit List of the University of Calcutta. In 1970, he became a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. He served as a lecturer in commerce at H.R. College of Commerce and Economics, Mumbai during 1971-1973 before moving to the United States for higher studies. In the US, he attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he earned a Master of Accounting Science degree in 1974. He then went on to head a special project of computerized accounts analysis at CBS Television in Chicago prior to starting his own tax accounting practice in Chicago in 1975. In 1979, Jhawar qualified as an Enrolled Agent to represent taxpayers before the IRS in all 50 states.

While in Chicago, Jhawar met Swami Muktananda, an eminent yogi and celebrated author of the book, Play of Consciousness. Recalling his divine experience in the presence of Swami Muktananda on September 16, 1974, Jhawar writes, “Once you have an experience of transcendental reality, you are changed forever.” Since that day, he has been practicing meditation and contributing to others’ happiness and Self-Actualization through his talks, writing, and meditation sessions. Jhawar lives in Chicago and balances the pursuit of his professional goals with the practice of spirituality. He is a motivational speaker who blends spirituality, politics, history, and science in a unique and powerful way. Gifted with the ability to communicate profound concepts clearly, Jhawar has been giving talks both in the United States and abroad.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Manual For the Soul: A Beginner's Guide: Awaken to Your Enlightenment in Millennium 2.1 by Jordan Finneseth

Re-defining Enlightenment for a Rapidly Evolving World:
Practical Steps to Self-Discovery

The world as we know it is being redefined by science, technology, and worldwide connection through the Internet. So, too, is it a time to redefine concepts like spirituality and enlightenment, making them more accessible to the Millennial generation whose time has come to take center stage and lead the next wave of human evolution. In these days of unprecedented student debt, market crashes, stagnant politics, and a chaotic global economy, a new age of enlightenment is needed. Written from the perspective of those born from the early 1980's through the year 2000, but addressing seekers across all generations, Manual for the Soul calls upon my fellow Millennials to lead the way by discovering your unique form of Enlightenment and harnessing your power to change the world.

*Re-define enlightenment in more modern, achievable terms.
*Unfold the manifestation that is your life to discover that you have been the director all along.
*See experiences from your past with a new perspective that will aid in the unfoldment of your enlightenment.
*Reclaim your power from the dogmas and spiritual traditions of old, and carve your own pathway to the mountaintop.
*Discover your Life Purpose and learn to harness it to help change the world.
*Venture through 21 Simple exercises that help guide you to your awakening.

There’s a wave of change affecting humanity on a planetary scale. Our collective consciousness is transitioning to a higher level, and a new era of awareness, enlightenment, and magic is emerging. The time for you to awaken is now.

Jordan Finneseth is a Spiritual Development Coach and Massage Therapist. Harnessing his academic background in Clinical Psychology, Human Health and Wellness, and Environmental Health, he combines academic knowledge with his personal spiritual insights to help others discover their own unique form of enlightenment.

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About Jordan Finneseth

Like many in the Millennial generation, I pursued higher education directly after high school, obtaining a bachelors and master’s degree in clinical/counseling psychology. During that time, I was also on my own journey of self discovery which really took off when I began meditating and developing myself spiritually. I studied numerous ancient and modern traditions and texts and came to the conclusion that each path was a person who once tried to describe their Enlightenment. 

After working as a therapist for a few years, I focused on healing the body and obtained an associate’s degree in Medical Massage. Since that time I've studied various healing traditions - physical, mental, and energetic - to become an all-around healer and Spiritual Development Coach. 

After investigating the best way to help people heal from anything, I've determined (as stated by many people before me) that the best way to heal another is to teach them to heal themselves. Our minds, bodies, and the energy that infuses them are capable of extraordinary things, we just need to learn to harness that capability. 

Manual for the Soul: A Beginner’s Guide is my introductory book of what will become a series of Manuals taking ancient, complex ideas and bringing them forward into this new millennium. My goal is simple: To give people back their spiritual power which has been veiled from their sight for too long. Collectively we hold the power to change the world, and it starts with the Awareness of this fact.

Find him online:
Twitter: JordanFinneseth