Saturday, August 6, 2016

Draw Closer to God and Walk in Victory: A 52-Week Devotional by Dr. Arcolia Beverly

Draw Closer to God and Walk in Victory

This book is a collection of scriptures that have provided encourage-ment and strength to me throughout the years. This 52-week devotional was written to encourage readers to spend time mediating and praying over scripture to strengthen their faith. I found that I needed to focus on one scripture each week in order to deepen my understanding of the word of God. Through these scriptures, I have found answers and peace in the midst of challenging situations. Each devotional has a scripture reading assignment as well as a prayer to focus on for the week and apply it to your life. I pray that this devotional will help you grow and experience victory in all areas of your life.

About Dr. Arcolia Beverly

Having earned her doctorate at Capella University, Dr. Arcolia Beverly is a professor of information technology, author, and Christian who holds Jesus Christ at the center of her life. At an early age, she expressed an interest in reading and creative writing, and as she pursued a degree in higher education, she remained determined to write in order to draw people to Christ and positively influence society. When not writing, she enjoys reading and studying God’s word, as well as shopping. Her passions include writing, teaching, and training for the glory of God.

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