Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Thoughts: Meditations for Your Spiritual Walk by Brandon Champney

Thoughts: Meditations for Your Spiritual Walk

Join me on a spiritual journey as I share tidbits of thought on topics such as Faith, Hope, Love, Vision, Trust, Success, Spirit, Possibility in Thoughts, Meditations for Your Daily Spiritual Walk. We can all use insight and depth of understanding to feed our soul and spirit, helping us on whatever path to enlightenment we find ourselves. In a world which tries to deplete, on a daily basis, our spiritual reserves, it is good to fill oneself up. However, one can.

Each topic filled with helpful and encouraging insight lifts up and inspires, rejuvenating one's inner being with a fresh outlook on life. What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? What price can we put on the needs we have as spiritual beings to transcend the seen to realms in which we soar on wings like eagles and plant our feet firmly on mountain tops.

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Read an excerpt:
The change will come when your vision overshadows the force which keeps you from moving forward and changing. When the vision for your life is greater than your momentary desires, you will change. You have spent your life acting on your desires, make your vision, your desire, and you will act on it. The thing is to allow that vision to grow, to plant it within and water it. A vision for a better life, to see things new, to cast off the things which entangle.

The goal is to come to believe so firmly in the vision. Don't get down on yourself. Don't focus on the moment whether you happen to think you are doing well or not doing so good, set it aside. Keep building the vision within you and you will naturally and comfortably make the small changes which bring about significant changes. If you create the view for yourself, your actions will follow. You will increasingly not want to do things which jeopardize your vision. It is all a matter of time, it is inevitable, your desire will burn inside you. Fuel the flame and you will achieve what you believe. Don't look at where you are at the moment it doesn't matter, look rather to where you are going.

Nurture within you the best vision for your life; your mind can imagine. Imagine how it will feel to be on this journey. Make it increasingly clear within your mind's eye. Imagine how it will be to love and to be loved; to have joy and peace and real lasting happiness. To have self-control and determination, to not judge yourself or others, to have a real purpose and meaning in your life. To feel confident and truly believe in the things you hold dearest to your heart. To extinguish all the flaming darts life throws at you. To have a growing faith which shines. Dream; the universe is open to you.

Remember when you were a child, and you couldn't wait for the next day. When you woke, you jumped out of bed and ran to do the thing you wanted to do. Wouldn't it be great even to have a portion of it back into your life, where you look forward to where your life is going? Life can beat you down to the point you feel stuck. Where you feel nothing will ever change. Envision a new life, one in which the possibilities are endless, and you have it within you to grab hold of it and make it yours. Open your eyes wide, take a deep breath, watch the sunrise on a new day, smile, you will renew your strength. You will mount up with wings like eagles. You will run and not get tired; you will walk and not grow weary. Isaiah 40:31

About Brandon Champney

What excites me is the availability of a lifelong abundance of learning. Not only of things which interest me but also of seeing life, mine and the world around me, in the light of ever increasing possibilities.

I write in the hopes of saying something small that in some way will be helpful to others.

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