Saturday, August 6, 2016

She Could Be the Girl Next Door: The Jihadi Bride by Renee Uzma Matthew

She Could Be the Girl Next Door

She could be the girl next door, somebody’s daughter, anybody’s friend. The difference is she makes a life changing choice that stands against all reason, betraying her country and turning her back on her accustomed way of life. This girl trades her Western identity to become a jihadi bride where there is no turning back. This is an interfaith romance adventure story of redemption, the search for the meaning of life, and the human desire for love and acceptance. It is about the coping mechanisms humans use to get through the vicissitudes of human existence with all its trials and tribulations in the most important journey we all

About Renee Uzma Matthew

Writes under the pen name Renee Uzma Matthew. She is a student of theology, graduate of Bible school, Bible teacher, chaplain, educator, and writer/author. She lives as a missionary in Puerto Rico.

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