Monday, August 15, 2016

Love's Transformation by Emil Toth

Love's Transformation

Batu’s inspirational story dramatizes how tragic and explosive events transform her from being self-centered to self-empowered. Batu fearlessly speaks out against injustice in a male dominated society. Unwilling to subject herself to a barbaric ritual, she insults the High Priest and creates a persistent enemy throughout the story. Selfishly, she marries the Story Teller to continue her quest for knowledge. The marriage turns into a test of wills, until she is transformed by falling in love with her husband. The death of her husband and her baby causes Batu to lose worth, as defined by law, and the council decrees she is to be expelled from the village to face certain death. With the Healer’s help, she gains a deeper understanding of life as she faces tragedies, final expulsion and death courageously and heroically.

About Emil Toth

Emil’s lifelong profession was in the field of Information Technology. In his quest to know himself on a spiritual level, he grew involved in meditation, spiritual support groups, energy healing and the esoteric. In 1999 he made a spiritual pilgrimage to India and was initiated by his guru, Mother Bandana. Filled with spiritual fervor he returned and founded the Sacred Waters Spiritual Center with two ladies, where he was the director, facilitator and caretaker for three years. It continues to flourish today. Inspired by all he learned, he turned to writing as his outlet for all he had learned. His two published poems reflect the depth of his yearning to know God. Emil’s most controversial novel, Seven Souls on a Cross concerns a man trying to rid himself of rage by following his visions and building and hanging from a cross for forty days. The sequel follows the lives of those seven souls. The novels in the ‘Love’ series focus on the four stages of love: transformation, sacrifice, unfolding and enlightenment.

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